Top 5 Festivals In Vienna

Thriving on culture and social entertainment, Vienna is clad with festivals destined to keep both tourists and locals entertained. Especially during the summer months, Vienna moves from indoor to outdoor, under the pleasant summer sun. Grabbing a Vienna airport transfer once you land, you can join the fun right away, backpack ready, and celebrate the cultural heritage of this aristocratic-looking country. Here are the top 5 festivals you definitely must go to during your visit. Pick at least one!

  1. Wiener FestwochenLiterally translating as the Vienna Festival Weeks, this is one of the most popular festivals in Austria that runs for about 5 weeks, generally from May to June. It’s traditionally opened with a concert in front of the Rathaus that marks the beginning of a long period of cultural entertainment. The performances will expand to various places, depending on the yearly schedule, such as the State Opera House or the Kunsthalle Wien. If you plan on spending your vacation there during that time, prepare for musicals, dramas and dance performances from countries all across the world.
  2. Vienna Jazz FestivalFor Jazz lovers, Vienna holds a 10-day festival in July – which is also recognized as the best jazz festival in Europe. These concerts are free, and it hosts various international stars and jazz musicians such as Robert Cicero that are coming together to celebrate funk, tango, soul and folk. Locations are outside the Rathausplatz and the Danube River Summer Stage.
  3. Vienna Music Film FestivalThe Rathausplatz is once again the center of activity. Between July and September, over 50 productions will take place in the open Viennese air. The night activities will have everything from opera to ballet, jazz and classical movies and music. It is a festival that draws countless tourists from all around the world to enjoy this display of cultural heritage.
  4. Vienna PrideThis is a festival where the LGBT community – and anyone who wishes to join – can have some fun. Taking place in the second half of June, this festival displays a daring combination of food, music, workshops, drama and even a nice stretch under the beach sun for those who want to catch some UV rays. The entertainment methods for this festival are always innovative, allowing people to have a good time, Viennese style.
  5. Danube Island FestivalThe largest open-air festival in Europe, the Danube Festival has countless attractions that bring people over. Band of different genres will enchant the ears of the listeners – locals and tourist – and the food stands will make sure your bellies stay full. Sadly, there are no camping areas; however, there are many places where you can lodge nearby.

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