Sunday 09 May 2021

Top 5 Kid Friendly USA Festivals

Top 5 Kid Friendly USA Festivals

When you think of festivals, you don’t necessarily connect them as kid friendly places. Oftentimes the general facilities and camping area do not have the bare necessities for catering to children. Plus you have loud music, loud and raucous attendees, and lots of drinking. Music festivals are generally just not seen as kid friendly zones, but fortunately for parents there are a number of festivals that do cater to children and are seen as relatively kid friendly. So if you and the family are packing up the RV rental this year and thinking of hitting some festivals, then consider the below events which are seen as child friendly and safe.

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

This legendary festival boasts impressive lineups each year that go well beyond the “jazz” in the title. This is also known as a very child friendly festival, featuring many stands that cater to children, from food to band t-shirts. There are also rides and circus-style games that will keep the kids occupied. The vibe at this festival is quite laid back for New Orleans, with many locals out looking to hear music instead of going wild. The facilities are known to be sanitary and plentiful as well. When it comes to child-friendly fests, this one certainly needs to be on your list.


Florida’s SunFest has been up and running for several years and has grown exponentially from its initial local focus, drawing international touring acts and thousands of fans each year. This is a laid back, positive-minded festival that is perfect for kids. Many attendees do bring their children, and the mild, sunny nature of the grounds are perfect for a day with the family listening to tunes and enjoying the sunshine. There are a number of stands that cater to children each year, decent facilities, and even water rides. This rapidly expanding festival is definitely one of the top kids friendly fest in the nation.

Joshua Tree Music Festival

The great thing about this festival is that you can tie it in with a trip to the amazing Joshua Tree National Park. This is an absolute must destination for any traveling family, and you can enjoy a nice day at the festival as well enjoying a wide range of music sure to cater to any taste. Your kids will have a great time as well, mingling with the many other children in attendance at the festival, enjoying rides and games, and dipping into treats from the stands.

Taste of Country Music Festival

When it comes to festival grounds, this is one of the most beautiful by far. Unlike the fenced in, closed off grounds at a number of other fests, Taste of Country offers gorgeous views of the surrounding summertime Upstate New York countryside. This festival is perfect for children with its mellow vibes, friendly crowds, and abundant and sanitary facilities. There are numerous stands each year catering to children’s goods, not to mention small rides, arts and crafts, and even children’s health advocates. If you want great beauty, laid back vibes, and a child friendly atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with Taste of Country.


This Milwaukee institution is fine for children, featuring an overall kid friendly vibe that includes games and small rides, many stands serving treats, and a laid back crowd out for a nice summer day of music. This isn’t a raucous festival, with many individuals choosing to lounge in chairs on the lawn. You can even have a picnic. So if you’re looking to take your kids to a Midwestern fest, this is a terrific option.

There are a good number of child friendly music festivals all over the country, so don’t rule out the fests just because you will be travelling with children.


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