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Top 5 Places To Visit In The Beautiful City Of Alwar

Top 5 Places To Visit In The Beautiful City Of Alwar

Incase you are planning on taking a trip to explore Rajasthan, than a trip to the city of Alwar is one you cannot definitely miss. This historic city has a wealth of historical sites to see and beautiful landscapes of surrounding hills and artificial lakes. This article talks about the top places to see in Alwar.

Top 5 Places To Visit In The Beautiful City Of Alwar

The beautiful historic city of Alwar is located in the the state of Rajasthan. Apart from the various historical monuments, the former princely state is surrounded by the beautiful Aravalli hills which makes the city even more desirable. Alwar lies at about 150 km from Jaipur and it take about roughly 3 hours by road or trains. Check the Jaipur to Alwar train timetable and plan a visit here from the Pink City to continue your travel through Rajasthan. Here are some of the top places you can visit while on your stay in Alwar.

Government Museum

This unique one of a kind museum exhibiting an accumulation of arms, bidri work, lacquered and ivory work, musical instruments, soft toys, excellent metal and earthenware works comes from various places like Jaipur, Multan, Bengal and Ceylon, scaled down canvases and Persian and Sanskrit original copies. The historical center is isolated into three noteworthy segments, each housed in a huge corridor.

Siliserh Lake

Siliserh Lake is just around 13 km from the city of Alwar. The Lake was constructed 1845 A.D. by building an earthen dam between two slopes to store the water of a little tributary of waterway Ruparel. Whenever filled to the brim, the aggregate water spread covers a zone of around 10 sq km. Enhanced with domed cenotaphs, Siliserh Lake is pleasantly set in the midst of the forested slants of Aravalli slopes which you should not missed in your Rajasthan Tour.

Jai Samand Lake

To harvard the surge waters of waterway Ruparel, Maharaja Jai Singh of Alwar began development of a dam over the stream. This beautiful lake was finished in 1920 A.D. The 1.5 km long dike of the lake additionally serves as a driveway. Around twelve wonderful chhatris arch molded Minar and so on were based on the dike of the Jai Samand Lake.

City Palace

Built by Maharaja Vinay Singh in the eighteenth Century, it is a standout amongst the most appealing royal residences of Rajasthan. Its design is a mix of the Rajput and the Mughal styled. The lower floors of the royal residence are currently possessed by government workplaces while the upper floors are utilized as an exhibition hall. This Museum has one of the finest accumulations of books (Sanskrit and Persian), archeological discovers, works of art (Mughal and Rajput school), and arsenal (swords, shields, blades, rifles, guns and different arms).

The Fort

This gigantic post with its defenses extending 5 km from north to south and 1.6 km from east to west, stands 304 meters over the city and 595 meters over the ocean level, built before the ascent of the Mughal domain. Babar had spent a night at this stronghold and took away the concealed fortunes to blessing to his child, Humayun. Akbar’s child, Jahangir had additionally stayed here for quite a while amid his outcast. The spot where he stayed as called Salim Mahal. The fortification was at long last added by maharaja Pratap singh in 1775 A.D. It is a precluding structure with 15 extensive and 51 little towers and 446 opening for musketry, alongside 8 gigantic towers incorporating it.

Once you have visited these important sites, you can head back to Delhi or travel deeper into Rajasthan. Book your train tickets and always check the PNR status if you are going for a long journey as if your seats are not confirmed, you will have to stand and travel the whole journey.