Top 6 File Manager Apps For iOS And Android

Now a day’s Smartphone’s and tablets are used by many people. When you are away from the office, these tools used to stay you in the number one position. Compare to a laptop, computer and most mobile devices having some disadvantages that could block your productivity. All these tools have limited file management when compared to Smartphone’s and tablets.

iOS and Android have the strong apps. These apps are useful to create documents, spreadsheets and more. But compared to desktop operative like windows and OSX, a mobile device severely limits your ability to manage those files. Duplicate or move files on the most tablets are very difficult. But in the iOS and android we can view all the files at once which are stored on your tablet’s internal memory. With the help of dedicated file manager app, you can locate, retrieve and manipulate files much more easily and quickly.

6 file manager apps for iOS and android are

ES File Explorer (Free) – Android

The ES File Explorer is a non – rational interface and fully finishing feature set. This app is mainly used to  send, joint and deleting the files. Therefore, you can easily access to your phone. File Explorer has the great important feature Gallery to view your photos and images.

OI File Manager (Free) – Android

The OI File Manager is the best choice for Android users, who want a file manager in a simple way. This app makes up for Android users to use the file management system in easily manner.  So you can send, copy, delete, rename the files easily. You can create and delete folders as like desktop in your computer.

ASTRO File Manager (Free) – Android

ASTRO File Manager is a good file management app with non-rational and swipe-based navigation. In this app variety of tools including App Backup and Task Killer, as well as a breakdown of SD card memory usage. You can even send files from one cloud platform to another with one time copy and paste, downloading file is not necessary.

Documents 5 (Free) – iOS

The Document 5 file management app for iOS includes tons of additional functionality. This file manager offers so many tools that you need and also send, joint and delete files from internal memory of your iPhone and iPad. This app also protects the password to help in keeping the business data secure. Documents 5 also serve as like a bookmarks manager.

iStorage 2 HD ($4.99)-iOS

The istorage 2 HD app is a good file management tool for power users. It offers an extended tool such has the chance to view the different folders at once. This app also has a built-in web browser and a bookmarks manager. But you should pay $4.99 for this app.


Compare to all file manager apps the IfunBox is not a mobile app. The main interface features a sidebar that lets you jump to a specific location to view your photos, book, ringtones and more. From this you can send, copy, and delete the file with the mouse and keyboard. To update you’re all apps once you can also use the program.

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