Top Books To Read On A Trip

When it comes to traveling some people who love reading will ask for some good books to read while on the trip. This article focuses on Top Books to Read on a Trip. We know that a good book is part of tool belt for any traveler. Long train, plane ride or bus can be boring for people who travel and have not mastered the art of blank stare. If you want to travel, and you are looking for some great books to read then here is a suggestion of the books that are going to inspire you

1. The Alchemist

This is a book that has been read by many people in the recent days. It talks about how you can follow your dreams. The story talks of a young boy; a shepherd who moved from Spain to Egypt following his own heart. The boy goes with flows, and he loves the meaning of his life. It is full of inspirational quotes. It is a good book for travelers because traveler is a dreamer too.

2. Love with a Chance of Drowning

This is a great book that was written by a travel blogger (Torre DeRoche). It is a beautiful book that is going to help you overcome the fear of ocean as you travel through the ocean with your lover. The writer describes the scenery in a great way. The experience of the writer is going to make you want to follow her footsteps. It is one of the best and an inspiring travel book

3. The Turk who loved Apples

The writer is Matt Gross. It talks about his misadventures and some lessons from years of traveling. Most of the content resonates with most travelers. Especially being a solo traveler, his thoughts working while traveling and the living standards in SouthEast Asia. The book is great and well written.

4. On the Road

This is a book written by Jack Kerouac’s ( 1957). It is a beat generation classic travel novel. The story flows the character; Sal, Sal is leaving Newyork city and traveling to the west while riding the rail, making friends and partying. The main frustration and desire of the character to see the globe are some of the themes which resonate with many of us. What is so good about the story is that through all the adventures, the writer becomes better, confident and a stronger person.

5. Unlikely Destinations

This is a story which was written by founders of lonely planet. The story is following them from England right in 1970’s to the beginning of this 21st century. In between, you are going to learn about their travel tales and early business struggle. The book drags in some parts, but it is a fascinating read about the company which helped to the start of travel guidebook and changed how to travel

Other interesting books that are on the list of Top Books to Read on a Trip includes:

• The beach
• Vagabonding
• In a sunburned country
• Geography of Bliss
• Seven Ages of Paris
• Cruising attitude
• Paris was ours
• Top Travel Games

This is the current top list of books that can take you. More recommendations for travelers can be found at

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