Thursday 09 March 2023

Top Fiverr Alternatives To Look For In Year 2016

Are you a freelancer looking for top Fiverr alternatives in year 2016? Whether you are considering selling your services online or you are looking to buy services for your online business, Fiverr is the king of the Micro Jobs Sites. It is a robust platform with an interface that is very simple to navigate. Not to mention, Fiverr is being actively updated, managed and improved based on user feedback.

Top Fiverr Alternatives To Look For In Year 2016

Although Fiverr is an active platform; but it is certainly not perfect, neither for buyers nor for the seller as well. There are freelancers out there who are looking for some cheaper top alternatives to Fiverr that offer them with a lot more liberty and choice, like being able to list their own starting price. They are looking for something that offers more flexibility, and therefore they consider various other platforms.

5 Top Alternatives To Fiverr

The top alternatives to Fiverr you should consider in year 2016 are:


SEOclerk is a busy and large platform for SEO related activities. If you are considering buying or selling in the field in the field of Internet Marketing, it perhaps is a better option for you to opt for than Fiverr. This platform gets tons of traffic and offers the widest range of money that you can ask for your gigs, starting from $1 to $999. Payments are made through Alertpay/Payza, Payee and PayPal.

Top Fiverr Alternatives To Look For In Year 2016


Taskarmy is not much popular compared to some other micro job sites, but they try to avoid the bidding wars and poor work quality that is very much prevalent on Fiverr and several other alternatives. With Taskarmy, all the sellers are first screened and then manually approved before they are listed and then are encouraged to list competitive yet more realistic prices for their services. There is a sense of professionalism and order on this platform, and it is certainly something you should check out for both sellers and buyers.


It is considered to be the best alternative to Fiverr. This platform is a combination of both oDesk and Fiverr. It allows freelancers to post their services that can be bought online just as it happens on Fiverr. The platform also offers an extensive project posing feature via which users can post their projects and get bidding on them from other freelancers. This all is done for free.


The biggest selling point this platform has over Fiverr is that the gigs can be priced between the ranges of $5 to $50. Sellers also enjoy the option of being paid via credit cards and Payza. Just like Fiverr, signing up is completely free, and you can post as many gigs as you like to.

Top Fiverr Alternatives To Look For In Year 2016


It is another similar platform that is very similar to Fiverr in both the feel and look. But, as the name suggests, the lowest gig here started at $4. Sellers also enjoy the feature to have additional gigs for various small amounts, and there is a rating system too. The best reason to try out Fourerr is that it currently appears to be a very popular platform. If you are considering expanding your reach, it perhaps is worth it.

You will find numerous micro jobs websites over the Web, but SEOClerks is considered to be the top Fiverr alternative for all the SEO related activities and PeoplePerHour is the best for other gigs.