Saturday 09 December 2023

Top Rug Cleaning Tips and Hacks from Rugs and Beyond

Rugs and Beyond has published many articles related to cleaning methods of a handmade carpet because rugs and beyond is a carpet manufacturer company so that is why they have well knowledge about carpets like how you can know the difference between pure silk carpet and artificial silk carpet, how you can select the best carpets for your room, home improvements ideas and how to clean handmade carpets? I am writing this article for giving some answers which the customers generally want to know. Rugs and Beyond provides professional cleaning service also. So, if you want to do professional cleaning of your carpet then you can send to Rugs and Beyond head office otherwise you can clean your carpet at home.

Top Rug Cleaning Tips and Hacks from Rugs and Beyond

Find the top rug cleaning tips below-

Remove Red Wine Spot: – It happens – Suppose you invited some guests for a dinner or a small party and anyone spills red wine on your carpet, it may be difficult to get rid of red wine stains on clothes, but it is very bad to deal with red wine stains on the carpet. To completely remove these hard stains, you can apply these methods-

  • Using salt: – This is the easiest method to clean red wine spot from your carpet but this works if you apply within 10 minutes after spilling the red wine otherwise you have to spray some water on the stain. First, place your rug outside and find the stain affected area. Cover that particular area with salt and leave it for 2 hours. Salt will resolve using moisture so if there is no moisture then spray some water on it. After two hours, remove the salt from carpet using spoon and vacuum the carpet.
  • Using Baking Soda-: If your handmade carpet contains hard spot then you can use this method. Find the spot affected area and spray a baking soda powder on it and leave it for 20 minutes. When it gets dried then vacuum it.
  • Using hydrogen peroxide –: If the carpet is white, instead of using a commercial carpet stain remover you can mix a part of hand dishwashing liquid with two parts hydrogen peroxide. Do not use this method on a colorful carpet – or if you do, then test it on the hidden area of carpet or at the corner of carpet. If the color comes out then don’t use this method for that particular carpet otherwise it can damage the color of the carpet.

Remove Pet Stain: – If you have a pet then it’s sure that you are suffering from this problem. So I am going to tell you that how can you remove stain from the carpet-

  • Using Vinegar: – For making the stain removing solution, use one spoon of dishwashing liquid and one spoon of vinegar and 2 cups of warm water. Mix these three elements together. When the solution is ready then spray it on the stain affected area and sponge on the carpet using clean white cotton cloth. If you think that the stains is dried then use cold water on the spot before using the cleaning solution. Continue this process until you removed the stain from carpet.

 Vacuum your carpet- This is a method which you should do on regular basis. You should vacuum your beautiful handmade carpet once within a week. You should always vacuum in the direction of the pile of the rug and not against it. If vacuumed against it, it will ruin the carpet and decrease the durability of carpet.