Monday 06 March 2023

Top Web Design Trends You Should Know In 2017

The Ins and Outs of Website Design

The internet has taken the world by storm, and most companies are moving a part (or all) of their businesses online to keep up with their competitors. It is essential to stay relevant in today’s online market because if a business stays in the past, they will most likely suffer economically and financially. One important factor for any company or business to consider if they plan on moving their business completely, or partially online is their website design Scottsdale. Creating a website takes time, energy, and effort in order to attract buyers and consumers. What are the hot trends in website design Scottsdale of 2017? Check out some of the tips below to find out how to make a website that consumers will want to flock to, and actually stay on.

Color and Design

The first element the consumer is going to see is the color and design of the homepage of a website. There are certain colors that attract people, well other colors tend to push people away. Colors have a way to mess with people’s emotions, feelings, and thoughts, so it is incredibly important to do your research on colors. As for 2017, the colors that are really in are green and teal. Green and teal have a tendency to give the feeling of growth, harmony, and freshness which is important if you are just starting moving towards the online world. As far as design goes, do not overwhelm pages with more than two colors, stick with two colors that compliment each other and give off positive vibes and energy. Colors that distract buyers will have them getting off the website faster than they logged on.


A popular theme for websites recently is more of a modern retro vibe. No matter what your website is for, try throwing some modern vibes into it. Older, classic photos that relate to your website or product help users see the charm in what you are trying to market. Also, use GIF’s to attract consumers, if you do not know what GIFs are, they are an image that is a static and animated image. Basically, it is an image that moves, and a moving image on your website will attract the viewer’s eye to it, so put the images close to something that you want viewers to click on.

Map and Directions

Suppose a consumer or buyer is looking on your website and wants to go to one of your physical locations, they do not want to have any difficulties or trouble trying to find your location. Make it easy for them. Place a google map right on your homepage that is clickable so they can pop up the directions instantly. I can not tell you how many times I have gone on a website and could not figure out the address of the physical location, so I gave up and went to a website with a similar product I was interested in and went there instead because it saved me time and energy. You do not want to run into this issue!


You do not want to have a poorly designed website that has images where you can see the pixels, broken links, or mismatched colors. Make sure every little inch of your website is done up to the nines, even if it takes you a few months to accomplish it is highly important. If a consumer notices your website is lacking in certain areas, they may question how your business is run and go somewhere else for their services.