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Tour To A Beautiful Hill Station Mount Abu

Tour To A Beautiful Hill Station Mount Abu

Mount Abu is a Hill Station in the state of Rajasthan. It carries an important role in Rajasthan tourism because it is the only hill station in the state it lies in the Aravalli Range. It is on the top list of tourists who visit Rajasthan. It is a place where you can spend a weekend or honeymoon with your spouse and explore the prosperous heritage and adventurous wildlife with Mount Abu tour Packages

Mount Abu Sightseeing

Achalgarh Fort in Mount Abu is on the top peak so you need to climb high to reach there. It is a beautiful fort that is used by maharajas to keep an eye on the movements of any intruder or enemy and for you a nice place to visit. Nakki Lake is a first manmade lake in India and a nice place for nature lovers it is also called a true gem of Mount Abu. Gurushikhar is another place with an elegant view and the highest peak of the Aravalli is a much fascinating sight than any other place. You can also visit Mount Abu Wildlife Century and Rajasthan Adventure & Nature Academy in Mount Abu.

Tour To A Beautiful Hill Station Mount Abu

Mount Abu Temples

Mount Abu is famous for its Dilwara Jain temple it is a temple with extraordinary architecture and beautiful Marble stone carvings some experts also compare it with Tajmahal it is covered with the greenery that gives us a fresh feeling the marble stone carving is beautifully done on ceilings and pillars that give it an unmatched design. Adar Devi Temple is a temple dedicated to goddess Durga and Located on the top of Aravallis. A large number of steps devotees need to climb to reach the temple. You can also visit Shri Raghunath Temple, Achalgarh temple and Gaumukh temple in Mount Abu.

Tour To A Beautiful Hill Station Mount Abu

Adventure In Mount Abu

As we know Mount Abu is hill station in Aravalli range so there are many adventure tours are enjoyed here like Trekking on the ancient mountain belts the trekking may be easy or tuff but that journey is amazing. Camping in Mount Abu can relax you and you feel free from the burden of your busy life overnight camp in summer season is a better option than winters or monsoon, Rock climbing in Mount Abu is a royal adventure no matter you are a beginner or professional it gives you the unforgettable experience.

Tour To A Beautiful Hill Station Mount Abu

Festivals in Mount Abu

Festivals in Mount Abu is another point of attraction for tourists or locals. Summer Festival and winter Festival are organized with many events. Summer Festival is provided by mount Abu when the harsh summers beats down on Rajasthan folk dances like Ghoomar, Daph and Gair and many more events where Winter Festival gives you a rich cultural tradition of Rajasthan, delicious Food and it the only festival where cricket is introduced as a part of the celebration the Best thing is ‘Deepadan’ ceremony in the evening  where hundreds of Diyas ( Earthen Lamps) are set Afloat in the river it is a must see view in the City.

Tour To A Beautiful Hill Station Mount Abu

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