Tourist Tips: How To Find the Best Local Steakhouse

If you like to travel around the world, one good way to enjoy your evening is to spend it in the best local steakhouse in the city you’re currently in. But when you’re a tourist, this can be a bit of a challenge. That’s especially true when you’re already hungry and you’re there in the middle of the city not knowing where to go. To find a truly great steakhouse in an unfamiliar city, try to keep these guidelines in mind:

1. Research Online. Google the topic and find a place that’s near your hotel or your itinerary. Read the reviews and see what the other customers say. Mark those places down so when you’re hungry you know where the best steakhouse is in the area.

2. Find local food blogs and see what their recommendations are. Some of the best steakhouses are hidden from tourists, but often food bloggers can’t resist from exposing these local secrets. Often these reviews are very objective and they’re not paid by the local establishments. These blogs can offer recommendations regarding the dishes and drinks you ought to order, and suggest times for you to visit.

3. Read local food articles online. Many online magazines and newspapers feature reviews on local restaurants and steakhouses. Some even offer a “best steakhouse” list, and you can then do research on each entry on those lists. While undoubtedly some of these entries are essentially paid ads, they’re still great info. You can do your own research and see if they really are worth a visit based on actual customer reviews.

4. Consult the locals you meet. While the hotel concierge may have a ready answer when you’re in need of a nice steakhouse, you may get a recommendation that’s part of a business partnership between that restaurant and the hotel. So go around the place and ask other people you meet along the way. Cabbies are great sources of information, and so are the various employees and workers at popular tourist areas. Asking for steakhouse recommendations is also a great way to meet new people.

5. Download great foodie apps. One such app is the Foursquare, which offers not just location advice but also particular tips from actual patrons. The main difference of these apps from the main Google search engine is that they offer more specific bits of advice. You can find out which times are best to visit, the best appetizer to order, and whether the local filet mignon is worth the price. These apps may even let you get a reservation to one of these steakhouses.

6. Go where the crowds are. The best steakhouses are invariably the ones where people go to a lot. That’s a very basic rule. If a steakhouse doesn’t have too many people even during dinner, then there must be something wrong with it. You may have stumbled upon the place where the local version of the Corleone family hangs out.

For the most part, a good steakhouse is really a very popular place each and every night, especially in a large town. It also means the prices are more than reasonable. If you happen to find one and you can’t go in because it’s too full, just make a reservation right there and then for the next evening.

It’s a fact that the US is blessed with lots of good steakhouses. It’s just that it can be hard to find them without a bit of effort. Just do some basic online research and talk to some real people, and sooner or later you’ll find the best local steakhouse that will provide a memorable evening for your trip.

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