Losing your car keys is a traumatizing event, not only due to the inconvenience caused, but also the panic that arises from knowing someone could have unwarranted access to your vehicle. The first thing you need to do in the event of a lost car key is to call the local locksmith to come and assist you. The locksmith will most likely be equipped with the knowledge and the skills needed to cut a new key, reprogram, and recode it, so that you have access to your vehicle once more. However, after the locksmith carries out this service for you, you need to take some steps to ensure that you never lose your car keys again. One pre-emptive measure you can take is investing in a car key tracking device.

Several car key tracking devices are currently available in the market, with some more sophisticated and pricier than others. One of the most popular and highly sophisticated key tracking devices available in the market is the Tile device. The device is small and can easily be used as a key ring. The device comes with an app that synchronizes it to your smart phone. If you believe you have misplaced your car keys, but in actuality they are within 100 foot of your Bluetooth enabled smart phone, the device will play a loud song until you locate it.

In addition, if your car keys are not where you last put them, you can simply select ‘Notify When Found’ in the Tile app. When any device also connected to the app passes near the lost car keys, you will receive a notification letting you know the recent location of your lost car keys. This feature is amazing because it is anonymous and protects your privacy so that some unscrupulous members in the online community do not know what you are looking for in the first place. Another plus for the Tile tracking device is that you can upgrade to a newer version every year at a discounted price.

Another popular car key tracking device is the StickNFind key tracking device. This is perhaps one of the tiniest item-tracking devices that are available in the market. The customer attaches the device to his/her car keys, and downloads the app on their internet-enabled smartphones. The device works by alerting you when you are moving too far away from your car keys. It also produces a blinking light to help direct you to your car keys when you are looking for them at night.

The third device is the Chipolo key tracking device, which has a colorful, attractive look. The manufacturers claim that it is the loudest key finder in the market. Customers are also able to upgrade to newer versions at lower prices on annual basis. You have to pair the device with the app that you can download using your Windows mobile device, Android, or iOS. The device alerts you every time the distance between you and your car keys increases. The Chipolo has an extended range, which means it can alert you to the whereabouts of your lost car keys within a 60-meter range.

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