Thursday 09 September 2021

Transformation Of Traditional Offices Into The Efficient Virtual Offices

Transformation Of Traditional Offices Into The Efficient Virtual Offices

The executive workspace has undergone changes of sizable proportions over the years. Initially, offices were small workspaces, with individual smaller rooms for prominent executives. As the number of employees and production levels of offices started to increase, the small and closed office design started taking the shape of a larger room with an open design.

These open workspaces had employees sitting in rows, clicking away on their typewriters with their work desk open for all to see. But as the year 1968 approached, a spectacular transformation overtook the office space layout. The innovative inventor Robert Propst came out with the creative invention of Action Office. Action Office pioneered the design of the Cubicle Office Layout. This layout enabled the employees to work within enclosed privacy, and yet maintain effective communication lines with each other.

Although the new design was a welcome relief and stood on solid ground for numerous years to come, employees eventually started to tire of the cubicle design. Even though the cubicle design did provide privacy, it still wasn’t quite enough. The problem of noise remained unsolved. You could hear the telephonic conversation of your colleague who sat two cubicles away, simply by sitting in your place.  Soon, employees started getting fed up of listening to each others keyboard clickings and the sight of each other.

Further modifications and deductions in the office design ensured the continuation of office design evolution. The advancement of technology in the recent years has assisted substantially in the establishment of the modern day convenient workspaces. Virtual offices in Miami have become a common practice. Nowadays, many entrepreneurs run their business from the comfort of their homes.

Transformation Of Traditional Offices Into The Efficient Virtual Offices

So, what is a Virtual Office?

As the name suggests, Virtual Offices involve every function of a regular office; the only difference- there are no physical offices! Virtual offices suit the requirements of small businesses and startups perfectly. The expense of maintaining a regular office could be overbearing on the budget of a small business/startup. Virtual Offices provide all the office functions, including a phone number, physical address, receptionist and a convenient meeting place, without the cost.

The latest technology has paved the way to competent uninterrupted internet connectivity and communications devices that enable employees to create their professional network and communicate continuously without physically being present in an office building.

Opting for a Virtual Office offers more benefits to your business than you would have thought so. Few of the many advantageous services they offer are:

A Physical Business Address

Virtual Office services in Miami include a professional business address that can be utilized for your license and registration requirements. You could also use the address for advertising and listing your business on the internet, business cards, local directories, etc.

A Flawless Mail Receipt Service

Most virtual office service providers also offer competent mail services. These mail forwarding services depend on the frequency agreed upon by both parties (daily, weekly,etc.)

A Professional Meeting Space and Office Access

Once you employ the services of a Virtual Office service provider, you will have access to an office/ conference room/ meeting place where you could conduct your routine conferences with clients and employees. Most providers also have conference space facilities in multiple locations/cities. No more will traveling be a barrier to your business commitments.

A Cost-effective Alternative for Small Businesses

Virtual offices are smart business solutions for small organizations,  who do not have large funds to occupy regular workspaces. Small businesses can avail the benefits of a physical office at nominal rates, and up their competition ante.

Access to Premium Technological Services

Virtual Office services provide the latest professional communication equipment and utilities, which would otherwise be expensive for small businesses. For eg., good video conferencing tools, fax services, etc.

No More Long-term Lease Contracts

Unlike physical workspaces, Virtual workspaces do not come with a yearly rent agreement. The terms of the agreement regarding rent and services are negotiable.

Undoubtedly, the evolution of offices from the traditional to the virtual has brought in much ease and financial convenience to small businesses.