Thursday 20 June 2024

TOP 7 Amazing Gifts for Solo Travelers

If you have a special person in your life, you must be a lucky guy! What does your friend like the most? If she likes traveling, you have a chance to make a special present. There are many unique things that you can pick for present. Just think like a traveler. What do you need the most? What can make your travel life easier? Definitely, it is very comfortable to use a rental car in one click or make an emergency call. What else can you wish for? Traveling solo, a woman needs many different gadgets that take care of her comfort and safety. Can you name many of them?

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Safety is always in priority. So, the only one and the most effective present that you may offer to be in safe is a small pocket alarm. Don’t think it is small and useless. The alarm sounds like a huge fire engine. And this is what one needs to frighten bad guys away. It also works good to frighten wild animals and let the people know that you are near and you need some help. The price for the alarm can start from $15.


Traveling solo, it is important to take a camera. Why? Otherwise, how can you take a high quality photos? Here is a small camera with 16 lenses. The unique gadget uses 10 of them to take a picture from different sides. As a result, you’ll get the most amazing photo ever! This amazing gadget will takes about $1950.


It’s so sad when you lose your stuff on the go. This is a point of Chipolo. You should try their new unique product – Chipolo Card. This is a super slim Bluetooth-tracker that is used to find something in your bag or flat. The card is connected with your smartphone and you can easily find your passport, camera or wallet in your bag or somewhere in the flat and hotel room. The tracker is water resistant and you can stick it to every little thing you have problem to find. The distance you can see the card from your smartphone is about 200 meters. Also, you will receive a message when the card is out of sight. What is the price of such a helpful mini gadget? It’s about $ 30.

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Traveling solo, it is impossible to leave your precious things like a telephone, money, documents on the beach unkept. That’s why a waterproof case from AquaSafe can be a good present. You can not only keep your gadgets there but easily use your phone while swimming. You are offered a special belt to use the case as a stylish bag. It looks pretty good and easy to use. When you put something in, don’t forget to start the blocking system. You will spend for this gadget about $ 20 or even more.


It is often difficult to stay in touch when you travel to different countries. You should be connected with a local SIM-card or use KnowRoaming cross functional SIM. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to miss a call, you should use a Case Brink Reach. This can be a good present for your traveling friend. How can you use it? This innovative gadget is able to double your phone signal. It is connected with your smartphone antenna to be able to receive that signal faster and double it on return. There is a pleasant bonus. The case protects your device from being crashed on falling. You are going to spend about $ 50 to buy such a lovely and useful present.

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It is very important for travelers, especially for female travelers, who always care about clean and fresh stay for night. What if the hotel isn’t the cleanest place in the city? Your friend will be excited to get 100% silk Sleeping Liver from Yala Designs for present. This unique invention helps to keep your body warn when it is cold and cool when it is hot. It is good for a hot night in Thailand and cold morning somewhere in Iceland. Thermal regulation is on high. You feel super cozy and safe. What is more, it takes a little space in your luggage, taking size of your socks. What about the price? It is about $100 only.


Of course, traveling solo is not the easiest thing to do, but the most adventurous one. Why don’t you use the best modern invention for all selfie addicted travelers – AirSelfie Drone? How is it possible? The drone is factually a small flying camera that is able to take pictures and HD video from the high of 60 meters. It is really enjoyable! You should contact it with your smartphone to control the drone direction and shooting process. The price is not cheap. It is about $ 350.

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This is great when your friends like traveling. You are informed about interesting modern presents that you can buy for your traveling friends, especially if they like solo journeys. The point is every your present should be useful and helpful. There is always something modern and innovative for different budget.