Sunday 03 December 2023

Travel Insurance For The Business Executive

If you are a travelling businessperson, you would spend a large amount of your time in airplanes and hotels, and due to the nature of conducting business on the move, you would also be well-equipped with all the devices one needs for doing international business. Those who are veterans will have a routine for everything, spares for this and that, and would be an expert packer who can be ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Travel Insurance For The Business Executive

Business Travel Insurance

With all that hi-tech hardware, it makes sense to have comprehensive insurance that covers equipment up to its actual value, and with the many samples one has to carry, it makes sense to cover those as well. A typical policy would include the following,

  • Computer (Not exceeding £1,500)
  • Business equipment (Up to £1,000)
  • Samples (Up to £500)
  • Delayed business equipment
  • Hire of business equipment
  • Business money

In addition to the above, a good policy would include a higher personal accident insurance than a standard travel policy.

Business is Business

If it all goes wrong on holiday, it isn’t the end of the world, but if you lost all your equipment just prior to that important sales presentation, it could have serious consequences. There is even more reason to have adequate insurance when away on business, as so much more depends on it. As a business person, if you are looking for cheap travel insurance, there are online brokers who can tailor a policy to suit, at an affordable price.

Regular Travellers

If you are one of those people who are always jetting across continents in pursuit of business deals, then it would be wise to take out annual cover that is ongoing, which means you are automatically covered whenever you fly abroad. This cover lasts until the policy expires, and a simple renewal gives you another year of worry free travel. Annual multi-trip travel insurance is popular among those frequent fliers, as it gives you total flexibility. You don’t even have to inform your insurer you plan to leave, and it will cover as many trips as you decide to take during the length of the policy. If you are thinking that travel insurance is a waste of money, here are a few reasons what you should think again.

Theft Concerns

Travelling abroad with expensive equipment is particularly risky. Professional thieves are always targeting foreigners, as they are unfamiliar with their surroundings, and are generally speaking, easier targets. When preparing for an important meeting, the last thing you want to do is worry about all your valuable equipment and devices, and with the right travel insurance, everything is covered, even the price of hiring, should the need arise. This would include comprehensive health cover, and repatriation, should it be necessary, and with additional compensation for delays, you are covered for every eventuality.

Online Solutions

Sourcing the right travel insurance broker has never been easier, simply type in the right key words, and a search result should put you in touch with a competitive broker who can arrange the perfect business insurance. It is quick and very convenient, and if you really want to enjoy your next business trip, make sure you are well insured.