Travel Maremma Itinerary: Some Of The Most Beautiful Cities To See

Maremma is a vast geographical region between Tuscany and Lazio, about 5,000 km², overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Ligurian Sea.

Maremma Itinerary :what to visit?

Conventionally, the Maremma territoryisdivided into three areas, from north to south: Upper Maremma or Northern Maremma, Maremma Grossetana, or simply Maremma, whichis the central part of the province of Grosseto, along the coast between the Gulf of Follonica and the mouth of the Chiarone stream and the Maremma Lazio, thatis the southern part, which extends to the western part of the province of Viterbo and to the northwestern end of the province of Rome.

Being a vastterritory, for a visit to the best of Maremma itisnecessary to organize a realtravel Maremma itinerary for several days so you can admire calm all the beauties of this incredible territory. But what are the most notable places to visit? Let’s find out some.

Starting from the mountain, one of the first places to be missed in the travel Maremma itineraryisundoubtedly S. Fiora, a delightfulvillage on the slopes of Mount Amiata. The mountain is characterized by a system of natural reserves with particular characteristics, is a large open-air museum, an environment park where art, culture and nature meet happily.

Another obligatory visit to a well-travel Maremma Itinerary isdefinitely the one in the TuffTowns, Pitigliano, Sorano and Sovana, countries recommended especially if you want to taste delicious local dishes, drink good wine and visit unique and different monuments Such as the Etruscan quarries and the necropolis, immersed in greenery, ideal for those who love to walk and venture into nature. In Pitigliano thereisalso an entire Jewish Quarter that has earned it in the world the name of “The Little Jerusalem of Italy” for having given shelter over the centuries to the Jewish community.

Continuing to discover this area, the travel Maremma itinerary must definitely include a visit to the wonderfuljewelcalled Montemerano, a small village with a church dedicated to St. George, the patron saint, who to see it from outside seems like nothing but Which retains a myriad of important works of art including the Madonna della Gattaiola.

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