Thursday 06 May 2021

Travel of Cuba in danger by the dilemma of US bank

Diplomatic officials of United States are assisting their counterparts of Cuba to resolve a snafu of banking that has compulsory the postponement of consular related services, impacting journey to the island country. On the other hand, Cuba balanced all its services related to consular out of the Washington until additional notice late on the Tuesday, and it is not any longer concerning visas or passports, saying no bank of the United States would hold its business.

The Interests Section of Cuba, diplomatic mission of Havana in the Washington, supposed in the news release that the NY-based M&T Buffalo Bank was not any longer offering services related to banking, reported by Reuters.

The decision of bank is thought be motivated commercially, and it had been declared in the month of July but officials of Cuba were not able to search the replacement. Even though U.S. sanctions forbid banks from business related activity in the Cuba; the Treasury of U.S. has certified an exception for the diplomatic offices of Cuba in the Washington.

The difficulty might impact journey over the period of holiday, at the time more than a lot of passengers in a single day were predictable to move from the Havana to US and US to Havana.

In the middle of the three million visitors to the island in the year 2012, approx 476,000 were Cuban residents and Cuban Americans of the United States who supposed that they were visiting relations. One more 98,000 were recorded as members of person to persons programs in that travelers employ in exact cultural or educational activities.

Until additional notice, just caring requests for journey would be processed. In a meeting on the Wednesday, the statement declared by the State Department that it was “aggressively functioning” with the Interests Section of Cuba to search a new bank.

“The Government of U.S. looks to assist overseas missions in the area of United States that have problem getting the services of bank, even as making sure the continued safety of the U.S. monetary system together with through suitable regulatory mistake,” supposed by the department in a meeting.

They would like to observe the missions of Cuba return to complete operations.