Monday 15 July 2024

Tricks and Tips To Increase Sales With International Shoppers

This time always comes as a joy to everyone. Kids like it as schools close in this season, salaried people enjoy the closure of their office and business people love it as their business flourish due to widely prevalent shopping across the country. But what about the merchants looking at international sales to increase revenue? How can they make most of the holiday season?

Follow these tips to find new opportunities cross border.

Be Transparent

When hunting for things cross border people deter from ordering due to hidden customs, duties and taxes and that’s where transparency is of utmost importance. To make international shopping a viable option, Products must be affordable and easy to find and in order to see the final price of the article including the shipping cost, people shouldn’t have to go through the whole checkout process. Remember try to build long term relation its very important to be transparent.

Tricks and Tips To Increase Sales With International Shoppers

Be aware of the Driving Force for Offshore Shopping

Shoppers will consume products from offshore websites if they can’t gain access to items in their own country and if price is competitive due to free shipping. Take the shipping cost seriously as 46 percentage of global shoppers purchase from websites of foreign origin because of low or nil shipping cost  and also if the process to pay is secure and transaction is taking place over encrypted connect then people get a lot of confidence shopping online.

 Take a Note on U.S Cross-border Shoppers     

There is a definite pattern that the US customers follow to buy items cross border. Toys and hobbies are the most sort after item-category online across border then comes Jewelry and watches. But unfortunately cross-border shopping is not one of the top priorities in U.S. Paypal has been the most used payment method till now and consumers are encouraged to call Paypal customer service in case of any technical issue with the service. Approximately 64 percent of those surveyed had used Paypal for domestic shopping and and 52 percent of the people had used the payment service for cross-border purchases so considering the addition Paypal plugin in the website would be a smart move on the part of people who want cross-border trade with the US customers.

Use Consumer Retention Technique

Knowledge about your customers will help you retain your customers. Know what your customers are looking for, how are they relating to your brand and how their country of origin effects their way of purchase. Knowing these will let you to acquire more foreign customers.

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