Friday 02 December 2022

Types Of Personal Injury Claims Beyond Road Accidents

Road accidents make up a large number of personal injury cases but there are a number of other types of accidents that you can collect compensation from. Some people are unaware that some of these cases can actually go before a court and pay out in their favour so they pay for any medical expenses or replacement possessions themselves. However, by consulting with personal injury lawyers, you may find that there are many injuries that you can actually get compensated for. Here are some of these personal injuries that you should seek to recoup damages from.

Animal Injuries

If someone’s pet causes direct injury to you, the owner is legally responsible for paying for your medical costs and other damages. Note that the pet has to directly injure you by biting, scratching, or pecking you. If the animal’s actions cause you to get injured in some other way, the law is not as clear and the case will be considerably more difficult to win. However, you can and should sue for damages if someone’s animal attacks you.

Medical Negligence

Many people assume medical negligence claims only occur when something major happens but anything that falls under malpractice or medical ignorance can lead to a negligence case. This includes things such as misdiagnoses, missing an obvious medical condition, or failing to follow established medical protocol when treating you. You do have to make certain to file these claims within three years, however, unless the medical negligence occurred when you were a child or at birth. In that case, the three-year time limit doesn’t begin until you turn 18 years old.

Injury Due to Landlord Negligence

If you have been injured while on a property you rent rather than own, your landlord may be responsible. Landlords have a legal responsibility to make certain the properties they are renting out to others are safe, which means if you’re hurt due to poorly-maintained housing facilities, a malfunction in the home’s electrical system, or any other reason associated with the state of the property, the landlord may be liable. You can learn more by contacting the injury lawyers by website.

Sporting Injuries

If you’re injured during a sporting match because the equipment or field was improperly maintained, you may have a personal injury case. While being injured by other players during the match is often seen as one of the known hazards of playing, being hurt because of negligence is not. If you can show that you were injured because the field or equipment was to blame, you may be eligible for compensation.

Getting Injured While on Holiday

Most people assume they cannot seek compensation if they were hurt while in another country, but that is not the case. You may be able to see compensation in a UK court even if you were hurt somewhere else. It depends on a number of different elements including how you booked the holiday and if you booked parts of the holiday together. A legal expert can discuss the different qualifications and help you determine if you meet them.