Wednesday 12 May 2021

Types Of Personality Tests For Employment

Types Of Personality Tests For Employment

Employment Personality test is a very powerful tool for the companies to gaining the insight of the candidate personality traits, interaction style, and behavioural tendencies of an individual;it helps in defining the individual character required for the job.  It is a set of questionnaire prepare to analyse the applicant opinions, whether they are a good match for the company, whether they would be a good fit for the company, whether they are able to handle the pressure, how they would react at the work place.

There are so many personality tests for employment depending on the job’s role and nature of the company. Let’s see the few of them.

  1. Employee Personality Profile– It is a general test to measure the individual’s personality traits that gives an insight of individual behaviour how they will perform.  The Employee Personality profile test takes 15 minutes to complete and examine the following the traits – assertiveness, achievement, competitiveness, cooperativeness, conscientiousness, motivation, extroversion, patience, openness, stress tolerance and self-confidence.
  2. Sales Achievement Predictor– This test measures the personality traits which requires in the work of sales. The Sales Achievement Predictor gives an overall picture of the suitability of the candidate for the sales job. It also measures the communication skills of the candidate which is must in the sales related job.
  3. Customer Service Aptitude Test– This test measures the traits which are required for the customer service job. It measures the traits patience, self-confidence, assertiveness, and communication skills. The Customer Service Aptitude test gives an overall recommendation on the selection of the candidate for the customer service job.
  4. Workplace Productivity Profile– The Workplace Productivity Profile test is used to predict whether the candidate will be a reliable employee, productive and conscientious. It is used for the entry level positions where is the importance of rules and regulations.
  5. Criteria Personality Inventory– This test measure the individual’s psychological traits which are required for the job such as Conscientiousness, Openness, Stress Tolerance, Extroversion, and patience.

These tests help the companies to find the right candidate according to the requirement of the job role.Many companies use this tool at the initial stage of the selection process and then follow up with an interview to know other concern areas of the candidate. Personality Test is the efficient way to analyse the candidate and it has now become the best choice for the companies at the time of selection.

The companies don’t rely on the personality test,they always have the other option too along with the personality test to analyse someone’s skills and performance. It gives them a better idea about selection and open ups the candidate strength and weaknesses. Personality Test helps the employers to know the candidate before taking the interview it gives them insight about the candidate and they can process the interview on the basis of the personality test. There is so much information gathered from the personality test questionnaire, companies use this to dig deeper into the strength, weakness, and the development needs of the applicant.


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