Types of winter jackets that one can wear in different occasions

Choosing winter wear can struggle because not only there are many styles to pick from, there are also many kinds to choose from. one needs to keep in mind various things like the usability, fit, design, insulation, budget, etc. in heavy winters it is always advised to wear heavier warm wears like jackets and parkas. If one lives in places where the wind is always chilly and also there is snow then keeping oneself warm in a jacket is a must or else doing the outdoor tasks can become difficult. jackets are not only highly effective they are also highly fashionable for any kind of outdoor activity.

There are various kinds and types of jackets to choose from and some of the most common ones are mentioned below:

Hooded jackets

Nobody likes to carry around a cap in chilly winter days but one cannot negate the fact that they are a necessity. But now with hooded jackets, one will not carry a cap separately as the hooded cap is attached with the jacket only. these jackets are very much in fashion and also suits all age group. They are very casual and travel-friendly which will jazz up ones look in a minute. One can find them in different materials like viscose, acrylic blend, woolen, etc.

Quilted jacket

If one resides in a very temperate zone or is planning to take a trip to a trip to one such place during winters, then quilted jackets are the best winter jackets for extreme cold. They are heavy and quilted with double layers of insulation which is very much effective in keeping the cold out. They also come in many styles s and colors, means one will not have compromise with the fashion while remaining warm and cozy. These jackets are perfect for outing and hiking.

Trench coat

One cannot hold any doubt in the fact that trench coats look super trendy and chic. They can be worn to work or any kind of a social event or even for a simple casual hangout. Currently, trench coats are the most fashionable winter wear for women. these trench coats are very lightweight and also they are waterproof means they are perfect to be worn if it is snowing. Wear them over a sweater and a pair of jeans to rock the look.


Winter’s chilly winds can be painful on the skin and can be very uncomfortable especially if its daily routine to go out. One can wear windcheaters over ones normal warm clothing to protect oneself from the winds. They are not woolen means they are lightweight and they are made of polyester or lycra and are designed to keep the wind out.


Blazers are no more a men’s fashion necessity, today women also can rock the blazers, therefore, it can be counted as the best winter jackets for women. One can team the blazers with the formal wear and are thus perfect for an office or any kind of formal set up.  One can also wear them for casual outings. The blazers are usually made up of lycra, wool, crepe, polyester, etc, and has the ability to keep one warm and comfortable during winters.

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