Tuesday 07 March 2023

Uber Employees Have Asked Travis To Return

Since the reputation management agency has been keeping an eye out for Travis Kalanick of Uber since his resignation, they have now heard that Uber employees are asking for Travis to return. Over 1000 Uber employees have signed a letter to the company’s board of directors asking for the return of Travis Kalanick. Apparently the board of directors had pressured Travis to resign from his position as the Uber CEO and the employees of Uber all want him back and have explained they think he can evolve into being a great leader. Five of Uber’s investors had wanted Travis Kalanick to step down and they demanded his resignation letter so that they can move Uber forward.

Last week nobody was happy because the CEO Travis Kalanick had taken an indefinite leave of absence due to the passing of his mother. All of his supporters didn’t want him halfway out the door yet all of his opponents wanted him all the way out. Not everyone is happy with the resignation of Kalanick since 1,400 plus Uber employees have signed a petition showing their support for him. One Uber worker Margaret-Ann Seger wrote on Facebook that she admits Uber isn’t perfect but hat Kalanick had a positive impact on the company and on the world and that he has inspired them.

Now that Kalanick has resigned, Uber now has to hire a CEO, COO, CFO, CMO and a GC including an independent board chair, which is a lot of recruiting. The drama is not over since the lawsuit against Uber from Waymo continues. Kalanick learned in March 2016 that Levandowski had drives with information from Google when they had a deal of working together. Another case going on is the civil lawsuit against Uber over the company’s handling of medical records in the Indian rape case, which is ongoing. Hopefully Uber can fix all of these issues and find a good leader to help the company strive once again.