Ubinary Review

The broker appeared in 2011 and is located in the United Kingdom with the homepage and is regarded as a leader in the field, which offers its users a wide selection of options. This broker is owned by PPT Capital Ltd (The Isle of Man).

The philosophy of our examined broker lays on the following 3 aspects – individualized service to every user regardless of his profile and practice level; top-level safety and prerogative for users’ targets. This broker is working with all users but the USA ones.


The broker offers 5 operating profiles. These are Micro, which needs the minimal investment of 250 dollars, and gives you 20 per cent welcoming bonus; Mini, with 500 dollars minimal deposit and 25 per cent welcoming bonus; Standard, requiring 1000 dollars for first investment and granting a 30 per cent welcoming bonus; Gold with 5000 first deposit and 40 per cent welcoming bonus, and last but not least – Platinum, which is opened starting from 10000 dollars, for which you will get 50% bonus.

Every mentioned profile comes along with free education, some time of free messages, user safety insurance and return level 70-95%, as well as extras for each particular profile.

The minimal sum for the deal at every profile is 20 dollars, while the highest possible is 50000 dollars with no charges for starting the deals, benefits, investing or taking out the funds.

However, we found out that demonstration profile was not offered to every user, but only to concrete traders.

When the trade is completed it is possible to check the result at the bottom of the screen.

Also, you can check your operating records by selecting button “Profile Statement”


The main page of the broker’s homepage has lots of graphs, which are actually simple to understand.

The service “Trader Spotlight” published 5 recent deals, the asset operated and the selected tool.

Also there is the service, known as Economic Calendar, which is not like the ones, offered by other brokers in the field. Our analyzed broker has the digital type of calendar, which goes running over the page with the information on how much time left until the next event.

It is possible to operate at this broker from Sunday late evening till Friday evening, excluding stock and commodity. On Sundays in the morning till afternoons you can operate with Arab stock and long-run assets.

The values at this brokera are entirely up-to-date.

What is also worth mentioning that there is also a list of team top specialists with their biographies.


There is plenty of training resources at this broker.

When you have opened your profile, the member of the team will contact you right away to arrange a meeting with the individual advisor in order to assist you in forming your strategy for beneficial operating.

The Glossary directory will be helpful on giving information on options operating in general and the practical aspects of operating along with entertaining graphs.

You can have a look at the financial publication by the dates they were issued on the main page. Also make use of the blog directory, where you find numerous useful materials on all the topics.


The full deposit match bonus are the actual funds, which are transferred to the operating profile to grant users extra leverage and liquidity. The reason for this is to give users the possibility to operate with a bigger amount of money and still following the fund control policy selected.

Additionaly, the broker gives the 30 per cent bonus for the first investment to the profile as the user launches it and sends the request for this kind of binary options bonus.

Depositing and Withdrawing

It is possible to use the majority of the cards, as well as banking transfers and e-wallets. The procedure of withdrawing requirs sending some papers via electronic mail and filling in the special form. The money will be withdrawn in the same way they were deposited. The smallest sum to take out is 50 dollars.

If you withdraw to the card it will take from 3 to 7 working days, but the wire transfer may need up to 10 working days.

Client Service

You are able to get in contact with the support team during 6 days of the week around the clock time via emailing, chat and phone reaching their head-office in UK, as well as global representations in several other countries.

Make use of FAQ to get information to your inquiries.

Also do utilize the mobile application of the broker when you are on the go.

The broker’s homepage comes in 3 tongues – English, Russian and Arabic.

uBinary Review: Summary

The homepage of this broker is user-friendly. During our examination of this broker I did not have much information on demonstration profile and operating platform. But the advantages, which include the high-level support, smart operating platform and individualized assistance, surpass these minor disadvantages.

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