Understanding the Cost of Installing Ductless Mini-split System

Ductless mini-split AC is less visible and works quietly than the window units. How much does it cost to install a mini split air conditioner? Well, the installation cost depends on many factors like the kind of zone system selected, SEER rating, removal of the old HVAC system, labor charges for creating an opening and more.

General costs:

Expect to pay approximately $2,000 to $5,000 for installing an entire ductless split system. The cost of ductless mini-split AC systems is twice than window units and its installation charges are 30% more than installing central HVAC with existing ducts. Some of the unit’s supply both cooling and heating of the interiors efficiently.

For installation, you will need a qualified installer. You can get several quotes online. Ask their experience and training. Check references and hunt for complaints with BBB. Also ensure, whether the potential installer is bonded, licensed, and insured properly.

To calculate the ductless mini-split system cost the things to be added will be

Ductless mini-splits are small and flexible. Compressor that sits outside is connected with air handler/s within the house via refrigerated lines. You can select a unit as per zoning and the performance and equipment cost is as follows.

Ductless system is rated by Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) and its capacity is gauged by British Thermal Units (BTU) or tons. The HVAC installer will calculate the necessary BTUs to cool specific area, necessary lines for coolant, drainage, and electricity to consider the charge.

Extra costs beside the equipment

The cost given above does not include heating functions & lines, old HVAC system removal cost and managing existing ductwork, which is not necessary. Each project differs, but these aspects need to be considered, when you develop the budget.

If the running of electrical lines and refrigerant has to be run through basement or attic then the labor cost will increase because these areas are hard places to work. Moreover, if the air handlers have to be mounted very high in the ceiling or wall than special efforts have to be made, but the basic cost of equipment will be same, only labor cost will increase.

Materials associated with the project like –

The installation cost of ductless mini-split system differs a lot from one region to another, so get free estimates available online from your local contractors.

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