Unexpected Health Benefits Of Everyday Foods And Drinks

There are many health benefits from certain food and drinks that you probably did not know about. Using them as part of your daily routine can help to benefit your well-being and in some cases work as a preventative measure to illness. Below we take a look at a number of the best ones.


Is is one of the world’s natural wonders and helps heal the body in many different ways. If is extremely effective for pain relief and is administered by applying fresh ginger to the affected area. It will soothe the pain by bringing heat to the area of discomfort.

Ginger is widely used as part of many different homeopathy treatments. It is widely available around the world and cheap to buy. The next time you or someone you know is suffering from muscle soreness why not try using ginger to see first hand the amazing healing qualities.

Coconut Oil

Using coconut oil for many different treatments is becoming extremely popular around the world. It has a high concentration of Lauric Acid which is widely used in therapeutic treatments such as muscle soreness and discomfort. It is commonly used by massage therapy professionals who use the oil to help relieve muscle pain. It is also extremely good for the skin and helps heal sunburn along with rehydrating it.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Muscle soreness does not just happen on the outside both also the inside too. Using apple cider vinegar will help your body alkalize and reduce the amount of extra acid. Having a lower amount of acid in the body will help soothe inflammation along with stopping the pain. There is also a lot of evidence showing it is also useful in fighting obesity. To get the best health benefits taking a teaspoon per day is the recommended dosage. It is widely in grocery along with health food shops in most parts of the world along with easily accessible for online purchase.

Cayenne Pepper

One of the main properties of Cayenne pepper is capsaicin which is known for it active ingredients that help to relieve pain. Most commercial products designed for the relief of pain contains extracts of Cayenne pepper. To get the best health benefits taking a teaspoon per day diluted with water is the recommended dosage.

There are many other benefits of using Cayenne pepper and is widely use in many home remedies. It is also commonly used as part of a weight loss plan.

Single Malt Whisky

Over the last decade, many different research papers and studies have pointed towards single malt whiskey helps to prevent cancer. The reason why it is so effective is down to its extremely high levels of ellagic acid which is even greater than red wine.

An antioxidant is able to absorb radicals that are free in the body which helps prevent cancer from forming. It is used by many who are going for chemotherapy as part of the treatment process.

Whisky also helps to reduce the risk of suffering from heart disease due to the antioxidant properties. These can help the body defend heart from suffering from a disease.


If you are interested in any of these new ideas about eating healthy you may want to do more research as these simple and common foods and drinks are a very cost effective way of preventing illnesses if you do not have health insurance.

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