Sunday 16 May 2021

University Of Gothenburg: Explore The Study Traditions Of Sweden

Why the University of Gothenburg? To start with, it`s the largest university of Scandinavia hosting about 40.000 students from all around the world. This considered it will be an ideal place not only to study the Nordic manners but also to share international customs, with a large percentage of foreign students enrolled 24writer.

University Of Gothenburg: Explore The Study Traditions Of Sweden

Peculiar About Curricula

The study programs at the University of Gothenburg are distinguished by their applied nature: lectures are not prioritized rather ceding to enthusiastic discussions regularly organized by the professorship for the students. A commonplace practice for the University of Gothenburg is one or two lectures during a week, the rest of the time being devoted to case studies, on-the-edge discussions, team plays and self-studies.

Since the university is very big, each department has its own library. Libraries are round-the-clock, where you can feel comfortable and work over the desired book with a cup of tea. Libraries are really state-of-the-art, with huge databases and depositories, providing for the rarest editions. Electronic books are in abundance, and you may choose which format fits your best: soft or hard. Libraries are web-based, which means every student can track the required edition or scientific publication and either take the one needed or reserve it joining a queue. Besides, get ready for a sort of queue-like lifestyle: rent a dorm room in a queue, take a bike in a queue etc. So is their customary living: they are all law-binding and very scrupulous in everything related to public order.

With a strong financial support, the University of Gothenburg has excellent research and development facilities to offer to those principally focused on research. Well-furnished labs cater for any sort of research activities, whatever the area.

Employment During Studies

It`s quite easy to get employed for apart-time schedule if you speak at least elementary Swedish. Your fluent English is excellent, but only for the university environment, since Swedish people are not very good at English in their everyday life. Of course, you will need a student visa.In its turn, the University of Gothenburgsupports its students everyway in their job pursuits.

Job Fairs for Future Graduates

The University of Gothenburg has initiated a career centre where every student is provided with smart career-related hints. Students can address the centre and ask for more information about their future careers.  The same objective pursued, the university arranges for regular job fairs and involves many large-scale businesses looking for savvy experts. Both the centre and job fairs stimulate the students to reconsider their targets in due time if they appear to be mischosen, therefore their contribution to the students` future is difficult to overestimate.

To crown it all, the University of Gothenburg in Sweden will be an excellent solution for those focused on practical studies rather than theory. If you seek for applied knowledge and aggressive self-growth discussions, this university will satisfy your demands.


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