University throwing the lifeline to their graduates

The most reputed teachers college of USA can shake up the entire field with the extraordinary plan which was announced on Thursday: The Rossier School of Education and its University of Southern California basically will guarantee the success for their graduates, and promising them that they will get job done at any place where they teach. As per Karen Gallagher, the deen of the school, as an institution we should stand after our product, we should stand after our graduates.

USC, the private institution, is not basically calling it as a guarantee, here the school says that they are making a “assurance” to the alumni of 6 Rossier graduate programs, which includes education, counselling and family and marriage and therapy.

Opening with Thursday, any alumnus, old or new, who has ever faced the professional challenge, may call what basically amounts to the help desk for 24/7. The staff will identify what is going as wrong, possibly also give a visit to the classroom of teacher and talk to the supervisors, then assist the devise the plan for development.

However, Gallagher is also starting a team with 9 staffers, out of them 3 are from the program of teacher education. She evaluates that about 25,000 people are well eligible for this service, but she at the same time she does not anticipate flood of calls, in the initial phase. The school that operates huge online program with graduate’s students about 4 times every year and has formed 2,000 graduates since the year 2009; out of these about 1,800 students studied online.

The move of USC comes as the college of teachers countrywide are under the pressure to create more teachers who are job-ready and also teachers are under the fire to give better results. Moreover test scores of the student are also playing an emergent role to evaluate the performance of teachers.

Sharon Robinson, the CEO and president of American Association of Colleges said that efforts of USC put high resources behind their commitment “to guarantee that all candidates of education are successful in their own careers. If new service provides the access to the teachers or faculty members who have trained them, then definitely it is seen to be more attractive and appealing. However if you are e-mailing to any person who is on help desk then certainly it would be not much attractive and is supposed to be less likely used.

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