Saturday 08 May 2021

UrbanClap Found Us The Professional For Washing Machine Repair In Bangalore

UrbanClap Found Us The Professional For Washing Machine Repair In Bangalore

It was quite some time that my washing machine was not working properly. We were three roommates living together and none of us was active enough to wash our clothes on our own. For a month, we even opted for the Laundry services but that too was fatal, as all our expensive clothes were ruined by the laundry. I was really worried about my whole wardrobe which was gradually getting ruined by the laundry persons. We were all pissed off as the washing machine was out of warranty and the washing machine repair in Bangalore was quite expensive from other sources. We were exactly not in a mood call any random person for the repair purpose as the machine was of the land lord.

We have already requested our landlord many a times to get our washing machine repaired, but he was really not interested and so it was lying in the same condition since weeks. But finally, when I was fed up with the bad washing technique of Laundry persons, I decided to hire the best professional for washing machine repair in Bangalore. Soon I asked both my roommates to help me finding the one I was looking for. I was quite conscious about the high prices people I approached were demanding as according to me the problem in the machine was not that complex that it would cost that much. I along with my two roommates decided to search the online platform to find a professional who could have asked for a bit less money, but those platforms were unable to bring us anyone who could have helped us in any manner. We already had gone to the markets and searched for one good professional in almost every possible shop but we were not sure about the same. We even didn’t want to take any risk as any mishandling could have lead to cost much more than what we expected.

UrbanClap got us the professional we were looking for

After spending a lot of time surfing the net, we were already irritated as we were unable to find anyone to repair our washing machine. It was beyond our imagination that in such a city like Bangalore we were unable to get a single professional for washing machine repair. In Evening I was in my blanket and was watching few of the new You Tube vines and videos. When I switched from one video to the other an advertisement of an application named UrbanClap was streamed on the same and for a second I felt the sparkle in my eyes.

I just gave a dirty look to the huge stack of dirty clothes lying in our laundry basket and picked up my phone to search the same application in the Google Play Store. I was relieved to find the app in the store and was startled by seeing the reviews it had. A very good rating of 4.5 stars from its users was enough to convince me to download the same. I clicked on the download button and soon the application was installed on my smart phone. I opened the app and found that it required few of my basic details to get me registered on the app so that I would be able to get the professional for washing machine repair in Bangalore. The app was linked to the Google location and it detected the location itself. I just entered what I was looking for and soon a list with number of professionals was displayed on my phone’s screen.

Seeing the list, I was quite sure that now I would be able to get the one I had been hunting since months and the intuition only relieved me from every following suspicion. I told my roommates with a sense of satisfaction that we don’t have to worry about anything now. Then, I started comparing the listed professionals on the basis of the ratings and reviews they received from their previous clients. Comparing ratings was quite easy but reading each and every review in order to avoid missing anything important, was indeed a challenging task. It took me a total of two hours to cut short the list and get few of the best professionals for washing machine repair in Bangalore. At first, it seemed to be a time taking job but later on I discovered it to be a very interesting thing to do.

How to find the best professional from UrbanClap?

I found exploring UrbanClap and finding the right professional for washing machine repair in Bangalore a really easy task. I was just overwhelmed with the quick service the app was offering. Just after short listing the professionals and I started sending them personal messages and e-mails about the problem with the washing machine and asked for their price quotes. Unlike other professionals, they didn’t send me the price quotes rather they showed the courtesy to visit us in order to know the exact problem with the machine just on visiting fees of 100 rupees that was exactly under our budget.

I had conversations with almost 10 professionals, and among them there was one who was polite and concerned about the problem. He was a good listener and listened to whatever I had to say. He told me that he can visit me the very next day to diagnose the problem and then he will tell me the exact amount it would require to get repaired. I discussed the same with my roommates and even called my landlord that we have called the repair person. Landlord just asked us to tell the amount he will require repairing the machine and we will get the amount in our bank account. Well now that was something that we never thought. Landlord was going to pay for the repair and we were really happy for the same. Both our headaches were sorted and next day he was just on time.

Why to Use UrbanClap app?

Since we were unable to find any good professional for washing machine repair in Bangalore, UrbanClap indeed was a saviour for us. It’s mandatory to mention that UrbanClap has indeed got a huge number of professionals and you can easily find the one who is best suited for you. Even we got the best professional for repairing our washing machine. He came, diagnosed the problem and the expense was merely 900 rupees including his visiting fees. Vikram Shaw was indeed the best one we could have got for repairing our washing machine. He is highly recommended by us to anyone who is fighting the situation of washing stacks of dirty clothes due to subserviced washing machine.

The repaired washing machine brought a sigh of relief to all three of us as now we didn’t need to spend thousands of bucks over the Laundry persons. I want to thank the whole team of UrbanClap team for bringing up such a great initiative of bridging the broad gap between the needful service seekers and the professional and experienced service providers. I could not have got rid of this clumsy situation, if UrbanClap was not there.


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