Uses Of ezTalks Video Conferencing System In Education

In recent years, global technology is constantly innovating, which makes people’s lives more convenient, but also causes a lot of benefits to the education field. With the support of a variety of technology products, people have more ways to learn in a more efficient way. So, which applications can ezTalks video conferencing systems be used in the education industry?

First, distance teaching; the same teacher can also carry out remote teaching students across the country, although teachers and students are separated by a long distance, the teacher can only invite students to join the network teaching system, the same can “face to face” to class, but also in the classroom interaction, whether it is named, question, or answer, demonstration, there is no limit; Moreover, the class when the blackboard, learning materials can be shared, the classroom screen can also be automatically recorded by the video conferencing system. In this way, the learning efficiency will be significantly improved.

Second, teacher training; teachers can be regularly organized around the remote training, so that it can improve their teaching level. No matter where the teacher works, can participate in the same training, the information will not have any difference.

Third, academic exchanges; educational institutions to introduce video conferencing platform, you can regularly organize academic or teaching experience exchange. Distinguished teachers can share teaching experiences with national teachers in a variety of ways, and they can discuss some academic issues together. In these exchanges, we can not only share a variety of documents, but also share screens of the computer, and electronic voting. So, all in-depth exchanges, we can have something to gain.

Fourth, education management; school to build a video conferencing system, the teacher can be more flexible, more frequent contact with students and their families, so that teachers and students to increase understanding between the parents and the implementation of the joint education of students to enable students Grow better.

In addition, educational institutions to organize teachers, as well as other educators to participate in various meetings, can also be carried out in the video conferencing system. In this way, the education colleagues in the field do not have to squeeze valuable time to go to the meeting site; and, we can always keep abreast of the country’s education policy and promote its further implementation; can also set up a free exchange platform, students, teachers, educational institutions to express their views, to find out the drawbacks of existing education to promote the development of education.

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