Sunday 12 March 2023

Using Online Video To Improve Your Business

Online video has long been a cornerstone of Internet entertainment. But far beyond Charlie bit my finger and precocious kittens and playful dogs, today’s videos can also be a powerful marketing tool. From attracting new customers to recruiting employees and everything in between, more and more organizations are turning to video to tell their story in a visual, concise, and effective way. Here’s a look at some ways to incorporate video to grow and expand your own business or organization.

Product or Service Launches

According to video and TV production specialists, online videos are an excellent way to generate buzz for a new product or service. Unlike the dry and often dull tone of things like press releases, a quick and exciting video can get people talking about your new offerings and, even more importantly, is much more likely to be linked to places like YouTube and social media accounts, where it will be viewed and shared by other people.

Attract New Customers

By the year 2017, online video advertising will constitute nearly 70% of all consumer Internet traffic. If you aren’t taking advantage of those numbers, you’re passing up on the potential for a huge influx of new clients and customers. An explanatory or introductory video on your home page, if well done can be the key difference between consumers staying on your page and moving on to your competitors.

Recruit High Quality Employees

A company is only as good as their workforce, and finding quality, qualified employees is often the single most essential function of upper management. A well-made recruitment video can promote the company’s culture, demonstrate a business’s core values, showcase what an organization has to offer, and ultimately be exceedingly beneficial towards luring the type of employees a company is trying to attract.

Educate Consumers

Most people are visual learners. If you are offering a new or innovative product, one of the best ways to demonstrate how your product works or how to use your service is to literally show them. In other words, a video of your product in action can often convey more information–in a more concise, quick, and informative way–than a written description or series of static photographs ever could.

Customers are much more likely to purchase a technology product that they feel comfortable using, and a video can put minds at ease, as they are effectively the equivalent of an in-home demonstration. You can also use online videos as self-help models, allowing customers the option to easily solve common problems themselves, and alleviating the stress on your tech and support desks.