Tuesday 31 January 2023

Various CBSE JEE Mains Rank Predictor Apps and Sources

Various CBSE JEE Mains Rank Predictor Apps and SourcesThe CBSE (central board of secondary examinations) examination are the exams which held for both high and higher secondary education i.e. for standard 10th and 12th and these examination are somewhat tricky and tough in some extent as compared to other state examinations. Every year the CBSE examinations are held on the month of march-April for both 10th and 12th and million students from the country appeared on this exam. After this exam within one or two months the JEE exams are going for the entry in engineering colleges for technical studies.

The time interval for the results of these examinations are about one to two months and before this in between these intervals, the prediction and analysis are going to happen for such examinations. Let we discuss about such prediction and its way that how it occurs or predicted:

  • Prediction on newspapers: The prediction of CBSE exams are mainly happens by the newspaper and the prediction for only the result date is predicted for CBSE exams and when the result is out, then prediction for CBSE JEE mains exams are started.
  • JEE exams predictions: Nowadays from past few years, JEE exams are one of the largest exams for the admissions of students and whether student affiliated from the local state government or CBSE for their higher education, he/she must give this exam. This CBSE JEE exam are predicted from the time of class 12th exams only and the assumptions like the exams date, the format of exam or the questions, and other important things are predicted.
  • The various web applications and websites: Internet plays very important role for these prediction analysis of such examinations and various updates are published on the internet on the number of websites. These website are the education websites or websites of the coaching institutions and they also publish the answer key for the paper 1 exams.
  • The official websites of CBSE: The official website of CBSE also publishes the answer key for the JEE exams and this answer key published after 2 or 3 days of the examination. The answer key is one of the best solutions for the students so that they can predict their result and chances of themselves before the actual result. The result is solely based on the number of scores and the student can check their score on the basis of this answer key only.
  • The applications for examinations: Many applications of the cell phone are there on play store or app store and these applications also do the prediction analysis for the exams. These apps ask students their number and scores of 12th and JEE exams and on the basis of such and other information, they gives the results of their predictive analysis.
  • Predictions by the experienced teachers and staffs: this is also the individual way of prediction where any teacher or group of teachers from any particular institute or school predicts the result of the exams along the answer key and the average cutoff.

The CBSE JEE mains rank predictor methods are the prediction methods which mainly emphasizes the prediction of the cutoff of the examinations and this cutoff is actually predicted most of the times. The cutoff is mainly depends on the percentage or the average percentage and number of the total students appeared on the examination like if 12 thousand students were appeared then cutoff is declared on the basis of total number of marks obtained by all the students with the maximum marks. And this mechanism only is used by the various CBSE JEE mains rank predictors.The technique is precise and likely to be accurate but sometimes it also fails and due to which, students have to face the disappointment.

The exam prediction is also one of the important things of excitement for the student and they get some hopes for their chances on the exams but some students also would not prefer these predictions. The students who did well on the exams and scored well on their higher education exams as well as JEE exams are not completely depended on these exam predictors and less uses these methods as often they know their result on the basis of performance .