Visit The Vineyards Of Capetown By Car Hire

Capetown and Vineyards

Capetown has so much to offer, but it is a little known fact that just 30 minutes out of Capetown lies one of the largest grape growing regions in South Africa. This lush and fertile region produces enough grapes to produce wines that have boosted the overall economic state of the area by not only selling their wines, but by creating an area of tourism previously unrealized. Traveling by car makes enjoying this region a great wine expedition for the wine tourist as they can spend much time traveling the wine valleys of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, and when they tire of that, move on to the lesser known areas. The use of a car hire service can really give the wine tourist an exciting trip of discovery that they might not have expected upon arrival in Capetown.

Car Hiring in Capetown

Hiring a car in Capetown is no different than hiring from any other South African city, as most major companies are represented at the airport and throughout the city. Avis, Hertz, Budget, EuropCar and Alamo are among the most popular, but travelers should consider the use of a car booker. Online services are available, such as that can help the traveler determine their needs based on the knowledge of the companies they represent and the wishes of the traveler. With so much to see and do in this region, car hiring is the best way to experience the history and culture of this sprawling city.

Be sure you are taking everything into consideration for your car travel:

The average cost of a daily car hire in Capetown could range from $14 USD to $137 USD.

Driving Around

Driving the countryside isn’t much different than in the city as most of Capetown’s main roads are in good condition, but if you have never driven in the region before, you might consider:


Enjoy your drive through the valleys of grapes that embrace this sprawling region. If you used a car booker, you probably have the right car for the trip, and having planned your excursion don’t have to worry about not having the car you need. Try the wines, enjoy the scenery and take your time. That’s what makes a driving trip the best!

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