Frequently Asked Questions About VPN For Germany Users

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VPN – Compare how the supplier should be evaluated?

Apart from price, there are many other should consider when choosing a Fastest VPN Service. Depending on what you plan to use VPN, very different points can be the deciding factor in choosing the right provider VPN factor. Here are the most important things to consider when choosing a good VPN provider:

Site / service that you want to unlock?

Number of countries with VPN servers

I File Sharing / P2P / Bittorrent license? (Some allow, in general, others not at all, while others argue servers to share files only in certain countries)

available protocols (PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP, chamaeleon (patented)

Number of offsite (to switch to other servers if one is overloaded)

Features usability of software and customers

The number of IP addresses available for selection

Price compared with other suppliers (rate of monthly / quarterly / yearly)

The client (available in your language? To chat, email or a support ticket?)

Society office (legal competence, keeping?)

Logfile policy (traffic logs, logs or zero knowledge provider)

The number of simultaneous connections

There is a limit traffic

Fast charging speed

Fast download speed

How long ping times

There is a money back guarantee money (or free trial?)

Payment (there are options such as anonymous Bitcoin to increase privacy?)

Why do I need VPN?

employee monitoring Normally privacy own while surfing the Internet is virtually unprotected identifies the IP address of a clearly against operators Site and suppliers, powerful computers collect more data that can be voluntarily or support read to conduct its own navigation: preference items, e-mail, interests / hobbies, personal data (date of birth, name, etc.), and more. Therefore, full of personality profiles can be created, which – if the IP address is also known – can be easily linked to your real name and address: Glass surfer!

Using a VPN service can effectively protect against these massive interventions in their private lives and VPN, which allows anonymous browsing. Own IP address is replaced by another, anonymous IP address of the seller, many suppliers of several thousand different addresses are available.

This presents an obvious advantage: As the provider’s servers usually cover several countries, are the IP addresses of the various regions. This can access websites blocked and censored because geo content, IP and other locks are bypassed easily. With this service, therefore it is possible to request the identity of a take American, Russian or Dutch – according to the respective country where servers.

Thus, they can be sensitive data – for example, adult dating portals – tapping anonymity and also for research sensitive – such as journalists, officials or activists – offers tremendous anonymity.

PrivacyBut VPN can do even more: If you browse VPN, while ensuring maximum data espionage public networks (WLAN) hotspots. Using public networks, it is designed for professionals in an easy, user data – for example, to retrieve e-mail, check account balance or downloaded company documents – access.

Surfing the train or coffee ignorant so many users disclose much more information that you would prefer. Skimming However, a network VP, all traffic is strongly encrypted (mostly 128-bit or higher), so they are not accessible to third parties. Therefore, you are protected against data espionage public networks.

but of course there is also the question that collects data provider VPNs and how this information can be used. Some vendors made on this page sheet called providers, namely certain content documented. To save several providers when you connect to the Internet, disconnect time Internet connection, session length, bandwidth used and dedicated IP address.

Why dangers access points and public networks can do with VPN?

Theft The Internet using hotspots and public networks, including other immense possibilities for data espionage. For professionals, it is easy to see traffic and so on confidential information – such as e-mails or account information work – grab.

VPN can protect against such attacks easily. In zwischengeschalten VPN provider VPN server: connect to a VPN provider server application anonymously – without tracked IP address – before. Connecting your computer or mobile phone to each server is strongly encrypted – usually with a minimum of 128 bits so that all traffic is espionage. So you can browse the network and calm public input and output data are encrypted so that they are not visible to others.

What this means is that a VPN Unlock sites such as YouTube, Skype, VoIP, etc?

With a VPN, you can access blocked sites and censor content, as with geo VPN, IP and other locks can be easily bypassed. Some sites are not used to the extent that some countries: for example, Skype, VoIP, YouTube, Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, MySpace, Facebook, AIM. How can you unblocked pages and services, to learn about this site using the example of Amazon Prime Instant Video.

With a VPN, but can be a server in another country where there are other conditions, connect and connect to that site out. Depending on the country that server implemented VPN provider, the user can claim a resident of that country. Using an external IP address and therefore Internet as Dutch, Americans, Russians or spend more, may have blocked access to YouTube videos in Germany, for example, access.

Can I watch television with VPN German abroad?

Within the broad range of online channels such as German television ARD, ZDF, 3SAT, SAT 1, RTL and Pro7 in Germany is easily accessible. But this is completely different when you try abroad: the desired video can not be loaded, an error message is displayed. In fact, German channels do not have the right to make their content in other countries. For this reason, the transmitter can be adjusted to the demand for their services, which cannot be accessed from outside.

An attempt to access overseas can be easily identified by IP address and prevent it. With VPN, however, you have the option to connect via a server German foreign – of course VPN provider server station in Germany. To obtain an IP address from Germany and the website operator may not realize that it is used externally to the side – thus blocking neglected.

Can I watch American TV in Germany with VPN?

Mature couple relaxing watching TV in homeUSA – paradise for many SerienJunkies TV. Desires watching US video portals, offering the latest episodes of a series on the day of issue of transmission. Especially the most popular resorts in Germany as ABC, CBS or FOX or online platforms such as Hulu relies on a wide range of Internet, but excluding United States residents is available. Germany cannot be accessed at this is an ordinary Internet connection, because they are protected by IP blocking.

IP address reveals immediately that trying to access is made in Germany and, for legal reasons not to allow this access.

Completely different is the case, however, if you use a VPN. Each vendor VPN also US player through which you can connect to the Internet. So sail with an IP address in America and access to relevant pages are not a problem for the site, which is now an American. All has no consequences in its wake, a well known lawyer Youtube video Cristiano Solmecke thought.

Why should you connect via VPN to the cloud?

cloud The using a VPN is almost essential for each user in the context of trends in cloud computing. Everything seems to go slowly to the cloud, virtual memory, virtual machines, cloud communications, cloud software and more. But cloud infrastructure poses a risk of greater security of user data. Once they are stored on the external server, the user has virtually no control over their data, and any failure of the platform shipped.

An important point of attack present here, but given that access settings that can not fall into the wrong hands. For this is especially true for recording public WiFis sure to use a VPN to protect data thieves. Even if uploading or downloading data from personal or private business, so it is safe. More commonly it is the use of a cloud service is only in the software industry, for example, for the company. Needless to say, this program should be used by fully secure networks, doubt, therefore, always through a virtual private network. More detailed information on the security systems of accounting services

ExpressVPN – FAQs and supplier details

ExpressVPN provider gives customers easy access to VPN loan. Service users are met primarily by high technical level of customer service oriented ExpressVPN. A special feature is VPN-back guarantee of 30 days granted to all rates.

ExpressVPN service VPN server manages over 1000 to a total of more than 100 locations. The server locations spread over 78 countries and, therefore, are found throughout the world: Germany, Austria, Italy, Georgia, Germany, Colombia, Serbia, Argentina, Uzbekistan, Iceland, Belgium, Europe, Great Britain, Guatemala, Latvia, Venezuela , Malta, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Bahamas, Portugal, USA, Finland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Norway, Panama, Hong Kong, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mexico, Greece, Canada, Lithuania, Netherlands Netherlands, Egypt, Vietnam, Ecuador, Moldova, Isle of Man, Indonesia, Peru, Algeria, Kyrgyzstan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Chile, Uruguay, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Brazil, Poland, Israel, the Philippines, Cyprus, Mongolia, Romania, Russia, Kazakhstan Hungary, Croatia, Japan, Switzerland, South Africa, France, Estonia, Australia, Liechtenstein, South Korea, Spain, Slovenia, Singapore, Denmark, Ukraine, Albania, Thailand, Sweden, India and Ireland.

There is no limit on the number of hops the server so that customers switch freely between countries ExpressVPN individual server.

There is only one VPN ExpressVPN rate. This includes all services provided in the service. The account can be booked in different terms, monthly costs fall, choose the longer the duration. Another possibility is a monthly fee, every six months or a year. Back guarantee of 30 days to pay all maturities. Payment only through PayPal and credit card unfortunately not so anonymous payment loan.

From ExpressVPN, as the name suggests, a lot of emphasis on high speed bandwidth of the VPN connection is not limited by the seller. Therefore, the current connection speed possible mainly depends on the bandwidth of the user’s own and use remote and VPN server. limit download, so customers can move to the Internet ExpressVPN as usual and can perform the desired downloads and expenses are provided. Supplier enabled on all servers and p2p.

OpenVPN protocols, such as TCP or UDP encryption, L2TP / IPSec, PPTP and SSTP chooses. By default, OpenVPN protocol with encryption UDP is selected. Coding is done by ExpressVPN key 128-bit or 156-bit. The client software is available for customers ExpressVPN can be used in all systems with Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android.

traffic logs, which contain information on the activities of specific customer is not stored in ExpressVPN. According to statements own supplier fails to register connection that stores the user’s IP address – the supplier’s declaration is stored only on the server that is connected to and bandwidth used selected VPN server and a time stamp contains information about connection is established and separated again.

However ExpressVPN expressly promised that the information will not be shared with third parties. Since there are no IP addresses used are stored, they cannot pass. As a service ExpressVPN operations at British Virgin Islands, the seller is not required by US law. Therefore, the information should not be handed over to the NSA and the US government.

PureVPN Information for Germany Users

In November 2006, This VPN service was established as a service provider against data loss. In this case, the service was initially limited to regions where they are censored on the Internet and prevent unrestricted access to all sites is present. Since 2007, the company now also acted in the world, so the company has to date more than 500 servers in 141 countries. For more information you can read the Updated PureVPN Review Here.

Pure VPN has servers in the area is Montenegro, Myanmar, Madagascar, Mexico, Liechtenstein, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Turkmenistan, Seychelles, Hungary, Czech Republic, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Brunei, Tunisia, Switzerland, USA, Sweden, Papua new Guinea, Brazil, Jamaica, Serbia, Norway, Venezuela, Kenya, China, Myanmar, Belize, Costa Rica, Germany, Malta, Syria, Canada, Russia, Bangladesh, Slovenia, Algeria, Oman, UAE, South Korea Hong Kong, Mauritania, Vietnam, South Africa, Egypt, Albania, Austria, Mauritius, Bahrain, France, Britain, Ghana, Thailand, Poland, Taiwan, Peru, Australia, Argentina, Laos, Chile, Yemen, Tajikistan, Cyprus Slovakia, Philippines, New Zealand, Lebanon, Jordan, Uzbekistan, Belgium, Iceland, Colombia, Finland, India, Angola, Latvia, Japan, Greece, Singapore, Senegal, Bahamas, Portugal, Sri Lanka, Niger, Estonia, Luxembourg, Romania Denmark, Cambodia, Panama, Italy, Mongolia, Jamaica, Netherlands, Ethiopia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Nigeria, Ireland, Malaysia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cuba, Tanzania, Spain, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Ecuador, Qatar, Georgia, Saudi Arabia.

VPN is purely offer three packages, which are classified based VPN features: Standard, unlimited VPN and VPN pure gold .. So everyone can choose the option that best suits their needs. With three packages, software installation property that offers SSL encryption and 128-bit or 256-bit data transfer line on the scale needed.

Despite client confidentiality is paramount in pure VPN company indicated above, having to make records security provider. VPN pure stores the following information: time Internet connection, disconnection time Internet connection and bandwidth used. illegal activities in this way can possibly be traced, you can expect to take additional measures (deletion of the account, etc.). It is assumed that now was not more log files.

It is important to know when PureVPN that file sharing through P2P is allowed only on servers in the following countries: Oman, Kenya, Luxembourg, Tunisia, Serbia, Portugal, Tajikistan, Panama, Madagascar, British Virgin Islands, Ghana, Niger, Slovenia, Turkmenistan, Myanmar, Monaco, Ecuador, Mauritius, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, the Netherlands, Sri Lanka, Romania, Moldova, Pakistan, Denmark, Belize, Mauritania, Senegal, Armenia, Peru, Kazakhstan, UAE, Colombia, Bangladesh , Laos, Norway, Algeria, Tanzania, Belgium, Angola, Ethiopia, Estonia, Brunei, Papua New Guinea, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Mongolia, Venezuela, Sweden, Germany, Costa Rica, Russia, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Puerto Rico, Turkey, Saudi Arabia

PureVPN offers several different options for payment: PayPal, credit card, MoneyBookers, AlertPay, WebMoney, Bitcoin, Plimus, MercadoPago, MyCard, Indomog, Epagseguro, Fanapay, Interac, Dotpay, AllPay direct IDEAL EPrePag, SanalPara Posta Ceki , ToditoCash, Ukash, cashu, Fortumo, EcoPayz, carded, Gamania, Neosurf, GSCash, Surf ticket, all-pass, SMSCoin, micro edema, Impulsepay, Daopay.

PureVPN also has an extensive customer service to customers in all aspects if technical questions regarding the installation, ask for performance or safety – were helped competently here (but only English). The friendly staff is reached via live chat or through the support ticket, phone or email.

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