Saturday 15 May 2021

Walk Your Way To A Healthy Lifestyle

Are you literally getting sick from your sedentary couch potato lifestyle? If you’ve made a commitment to join the healthy lifestyle club – good for you. Don’t wait until the first of the year, the first of the month or even the first of the week. Get started today. Follow these tips from the experts to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle.

Walk Your Way To A Healthy Lifestyle

The first thing that nearly all health experts agree upon is that living a healthy life does not involve crash diets, dangerous pills or risky insanity workouts. What it does involve is changing your mindset. That’s the first step to success. As you slowly introduce changes into your routine, you’ll begin to feel changes in your body. You’ll begin to feel more muscle density, you’ll eliminate that highs and lows associated with excess sugar consumption and you’ll consistently have more energy.

The second step to success is to set goals and make them small. Yes. Your healthy lifestyle goals should be small in milestone and short in duration. For example, instead of saying you’d like to lose fifty pounds in the next six months, consider losing 5% of your body weight in the next three weeks. For a 200 pound person that would be a weight loss of 10 pounds over three weeks, or approximately 3.5 pounds per week. That’s a short duration, a smaller goal and certainly attainable. Instead of committing to running in your first 5k race, commit to a walk/run pattern of 1 minute running 2 minutes walking for twenty minutes five days a week for three weeks. That’s a goal that’s realistic and attainable. After the first three week interval, grab a Groupon coupon and head to for a great selection of sunning shoes. Your feet and wallet will both thank you. What a great treat for a great three week start to your new healthy lifestyle!