Warning! Be Careful Not To Choose Provisional Patent Application

Patent application can take years before you get the results. The idea of getting a provisional patent is tempting, as it is faster. You can get the results in half the time. Before you say yes to provisional patenting, you need to also understand that it expires 12 months later. You might get immediate approval but it is not permanent.

Provisional patenting does not go through the same process as an actual patent application. Reviews are not thoroughly done. Provisional patents are useful for a while, but they will eventually serve no purpose.

Provisional patents are also not applicable for foreign patent rights. In the worst-case scenario, assuming that a provisional patent is similar to an actual patent, you might end up selling a certain product or invention because you think that your patent application is already pending and will most likely lead to approval. The truth is that provisional patents prevent product launches. You can be easily challenged if you make money out of your invention, if it is premature. The law is not on your side and you will not get the benefits patent owners are entitled to.

The good side

One reason why you might try provisional patenting is because you want to test the waters. You want to know if there are people who are interested in your invention. If there is no one who might possibly buy it, you might abandon the idea of taking it any further.

You need help

Whether you are getting a provisional patent or an actual patent, you definitely need help. It is important to find someone who will be there by your side to walk you through the entire process. Both types of patent applications are difficult and are not easy to deal with. There are laws that you are unfamiliar with and you need someone explaining to you how things work and how you can speed up the process. You will also be given advice on whether or not it is still in your best interest to proceed with the patent application.

The application is also quicker if you use patent writing software, like the software offered by The solution offered makes it easier for you to prepare the relevant documents, drawings of the invention, and other forms that have to be submitted.

Eventually, your application will be approved or rejected. You just need to be patient. You should also see to it that your documents are complete before submission. Otherwise, you will be asked to resubmit certain documents again and this could delay the process. Even if you end up getting rejected initially, this should not impede you from improving your invention and eventually getting the patent that you want.

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