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YuppTV presents you with YuppFlix, consisting of the very best of chosen collection of your favorite Telugu movies; the beauty of YippFlix is that upon subscription you can watch the movies of your choice even when you are away from home! Forget about carrying the truckloads of CDs or Pen drives with you. Watch YippFlix movies on your Smartphone, laptop, desktop, iPad or your smart TV, you can be traveling or be in comfort of your home or a hotel your movies are with you all the time.

This is an online streaming service which allows the users to watch wide variety of Telugu movies online, or you can choose from Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, Punjabi and Bhojpuri the library is vast, with YuppFlix you will never get bored as there is a wide variety of categories to choose.

The more you watch the better YuppFlix gets in understanding you and recommending the kind of movies you would like from the content library that hold more movies than you can imagine. We understand that Indians are scattered all over the world and not everywhere they will get to experience the joy of watching regional movies and for those longing to watch Telugu movies it’s a treat for the eyes, if you are a movie buff you will love it, we believe in keeping our users up to date by pampering them with latest blockbusters, you can even filter the categories.

Streaming Devices:

Watching on TVs like Samsung, android TV, LG, Apple TV, SONY, Opera TV and many more, if you prefer watching on Tablets or mobiles you can watch on android, nexus, iOS phones, or watch on the internet by using web address on internet explorer, Windows Vista, Safari, Firefox, chrome or Mac.

To add to our customers’, delight our content is break-free, letting them watch the movies uninterrupted and there is always something new to discover because our library gets updated almost every month. YuppFlix was formulated keeping in mind the Indian expat community, we understand that they have a limited access to regional movies, hence YuppFlix is introduced to do away with that nostalgia and embrace the world of on-demand digital movie solutions for Indians living thousands of miles away from home.

With YuppFlix get an instant access to amazing movies no matter where you are.

Go ahead, binge a little!

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