Ways Chatbot Application Enhance The Revenue Of A Company

To build an online business, you will need to identify your customers. Most of the businesses have an application to discuss the services of company. Some of the ways by which a business tries to reach to its customers are blogs, catalogs, forums, social media platforms and chat applications.

The major factor that enhances the revenue of the company is how much attention customers pay to the company’s sources and the duration they spend on each of these different platforms of the company.

What are chatbots and its impact on the business?

Chatbots are significantly changing the way most of the businesses operate nowadays. These are artificial intelligence enabled virtual assistants that have the capability to influence almost all features of a company.

Types of chatbots

Pure retail sales bots

Retail is the sector where you would find extensive use of chatbots. Chatbots enables users to do the purchase transaction directly using a chatbot. The users of the website will not know that it is happening through the use of a chatbot. It will appear to them that the transaction is happening from a website.

Chatbot will record the shopping habits of the individual, by which it will predict what the end user would be keen to buy. This will result in prefilled carts with type of products the chatbot will pick. Thus, a chatbot will increase in more sales and productivity of a business.

Bots for lead generation

Common lead generation process that business implements without a bot.

With the use of chatbot, lead generation process is improved:

Bots for research

Bots have a remarkable ability to even perform a search for its users. Instead of investing in a costly research firm, with research chatbots, you can easily run effective research campaign that asks local users about their shopping preferences, etc.


Looking at the potential of chatbots, they are increasingly used by businesses. Different type of chatbots provides different types of functionality to the users. Better utilization of the chatbots helps in increasing the revenue of the company to leaps and bounds.

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