Monday 26 July 2021

Ways That EAM Affects The Bottom Line

Ways That EAM Affects The Bottom Line

In many cases, the stakeholders of operations find it hard to justify certain investments. However, if you can give them accurate and ample data to back up claims, they will be able to justify those investments easier. Below are some of the top reasons how EAM affects the bottom line. No matter what your EAM needs are, you can count on a reliable company such as To find out about their company, you can find more information here.

Ways That EAM Affects The Bottom Line

Gathering Crucial Internal Data

The most important and first step to take is knowing exactly where you are starting. If you don’t have a baseline record of how certain assets are performing under normal circumstances, you will not be able to prove they will get better with new maintenance efforts to your superiors. It has been shown that you need to keep two specific goals in mind when trying to accomplish this. The first is that you measure the base performance against other possible tactics to see what would work best. The second is to gather data across all levels of the operation and then test everything together against the baseline records.

Going Beyond The Baseline Records

Aside from comparing in-house records, you can strengthen your understanding by comparing your baseline data against the internal data found in other industry benchmarks. This can be accomplished by using three key indicators of performance. The three indicators are availability, quality, and performance of each specific type of equipment. This is a well-known method of analysis and can help plant managers better understand their in-house performance on a greater scale.

Once everything has been recorded and then analyzed, plant managers will be able to use the information to reference against other values and can use the data as a benchmark for tracking future data and progression. The main objective of these efforts will be to complete a comprehensive report on what the company is gaining by using a specific type of maintenance plan and where it can be improved upon going into the future. These insights help executives see eye-to-eye with the plant managers.


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