Wednesday 29 November 2023

Ways To Upgrade Your Bedroom In Less Than An Hour

The bedroom is the sanctuary that welcomes you in its warm, loving arms to end the day so you can recharge. The bedroom is also the starting point of every adventure. Have you given your bedroom the love and attention it deserves? Don’t you think that special room deserves an update? Of course, you want to upgrade your beloved bedroom, but how!? DIYs take time and money–most of the time, that is. To help you out, here are five great tips so you can upgrade your bedroom within just an hour!

Ways To Upgrade Your Bedroom In Less Than An Hour

Welcome to the New Age

Ever fallen face flat on the bed, dead tired, eager to sleep, and then realised as you turned around that the lights were still on? Oh the hassle of standing up to switch them off! Thankfully, there’s a quick solution to your problem, so stop living the dark age and light up your life with smart bulbs. Silly how lighting is so often neglected when it’s responsible for everything you see. So pay attention and invest in your bedroom’s lighting and watch how it can make everything better.

Ways To Upgrade Your Bedroom In Less Than An Hour

Former Master Bedroom, Now a Nasterpiece

Go big and artsy with a wallpaper mural for your bedroom wall. You don’t need a painter to do it for you anymore. These huge pictures can instantly give your room an upgrade for less the time. Put yourself in a different scenery with this idea and save yourself from a really bland wall. If you want a breaktaking morning each time you wake up, this tip is a must-try!

Ways To Upgrade Your Bedroom In Less Than An Hour

Pretty Up Your Bed

The focal point of any bedroom should be the bed. It’s in the name. What better way to do this but with a new headboard. Without breaking the bank, you can make a profound difference to your bed with the addition of a quick DIY headboard project. You can with your old one and transform it into a new one from reclaimed materials, repaint it, or pad it with a thin cushion where you can sit against it comfortably.

Don’t forget to match or contrast that new headboard with your wall colour or the bed frame itself. Complete the upgraded look of your bed with some cosy sheets and fluffy pillows.

Ways To Upgrade Your Bedroom In Less Than An Hour

Perfume Your Room

Go to the tried and tested (and even better for romance) scented candles. The right scent can make a room feel fresher, cleaner, and completely change the ambiance from sleepy to sexy. Enhance your bedroom experience with not just silky cotton sheets but also with your favourite fragrance. From the simple scent of clean sheets to lavender or vanilla, what matters is that you choose that one scent that will help you feel relaxed. A good bedroom, above all, is one that helps you sleep.

Ways To Upgrade Your Bedroom In Less Than An Hour

Install Fancy Shelves

Get organised with style by installing unique shelves in your bedroom. It’s a great way to get rid of clutter and an efficient way to store your things. Artistic shelves come in different shapes and sizes and not only would they serve the purpose of showcasing your favourite things, but they can also be accent pieces in your room.

Wasn’t that just easy? What are you waiting for? Try any or all of these 5 upgrade ideas to up your bedroom style. A better bedroom’s just an hour away!