Sunday 26 January 2020

Web Design Potentials of WordPress

For any WordPress blog, traffic is still the lifeblood of its continuance. Without visitors, there’s no point creating a website. Blogging is useful tool to share our opinions and thought. In fact, visitors can be monetized and we will be able gain some amount of revenue. In this case, we need to establish our readership. If we have problems attracting traffic, regardless of our SEO effort, it is important to find out whether we have the following issues:

  • We have free web hosting account: Reliable web hosting performance is essential if we want to get successful website. It is not possible to generate the proper amount of income, if we use free hosting account. We should be aware it is not possible to get enhanced performance, if we choose free service. It means that we will not have the proper support and there’s no guarantee that our website can deal with the traffic spike. Starting a blog is similar to starting a new business, we may need to invest in ourselves if our ambition is to grow our traffic.
  • We don’t have dedicated domain name: Domain name can be considered as a unique online identity. As an example, if we still use the free WordPress account, it is important to consider purchasing a dedicated domain name. It is possible to transfer files and databases to the dedicated hosting.
  • We use too many pop-ups: There are many advertising options that we can use and they can help to monetize our blog. However, we could be tempted to use so many advertising that users are attacked by avalanche of pop-ups. In this situation, it is important to avoid filling our website with so many advertising options. Pop-ups will significantly decrease user experience, resulting in higher bounce rate and reduced visits. Our attempt to generate more revenue will backfire and we will only get a trickle of traffic.

When we have a WordPress blog, design is obviously not an afterthought, compared to when we use standard PHP-based websites. If we have a real design and coding skill, creating a real design with WordPress would be incredibly easy. If we do this, we can keep our design updated and if the change isn’t too intrusive, people will be excited to find more about our new design. If we want people to get excited, we should use compelling design and WordPress allows us to do just that.

Learning web design with WordPress is a habit that we need to nurture and this can be expanded to other areas. This is a path that can lead to many places. Other than using impressive designs in our blog, we also should focus on social media, interact with others online and share ideas. We may also be active in various design-oriented websites and we could interact with other WordPress blog owners who focus on various designs. If we want to practice our web design skill, WordPress is an excellent sandbox that we can use the way we want.


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