Web Design Potentials of WordPress

The arrival of CMS has made it possible for website owners to immediately deploy dynamic websites, without the need of developing a new one. WordPress isn’t only fully functional, it also has huge design potentials. Even for people with zero design taste and knowledge, they can have a decent design, by choosing any of thousands of free themes recommended by itself. No need to fuss with Photoshop and complex code anymore. In its basic form, WordPress is already a capable platform, allowing users to do many things. They can easily start and run various new features.

With static HTML websites, adding new features will be very time consuming and tedious. Search engines may not have the artistic taste to evaluate our website, but users could feel much more comfortable when we use the right kind of theme. It is the reason why WordPress has become more and more popular. People are naturally drawn to beautiful things. So, even if we have similar content with our competitor, we could gain more traffic by having a well-designed website. It should be noted that good design isn’t equal with using plenty of high-resolution images that slow down the load time. In modern concept, good website design should be simple and quick to load, but still provides a high-degree of artistic sophistication and visual comfort. This is something that can’t be easily achieved. Thankfully, there are hundreds of WordPress themes with minimalist styles that we could choose. We should choose the one that has the kind of elegance that we want. Before choosing a WordPress theme, we should visit dozens of popular websites with minimalist style. We may find design elements that are always used by these sites and write them down. This will help us when we choose a free WordPress theme. Because WordPress themes are also open source, it is a good idea to learn HTML and CSS to modify the theme based on our preferences. Alternatively, we could hire a local web designer to perform some changes on the existing theme. The change shouldn’t be too comprehensive, so designers could finish it in just a couple of days.

The fact that articles can be added easily and allocated into specific containers in the layout, will simplify the web design process. We don’t have to mess with special characters, fonts and margins. WordPress is clearly a time saver. With a simple HTML website, we may need to perform specific adjustments to make sure that the content can be displayed properly. Even in its basic condition and with the generic theme, people are still able to comfortably read content in WordPress blogs.

Widgets and plugins are also two important features of WordPress. Artistic widgets can be moved to different parts of the website easily. There are also plugins that can improve the visual appearances of our website. In fact, it takes an intensive research to unravel the rich design potentials of WordPress.

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