Tuesday 28 November 2023

What Are DISC Behavioral Style Blends?

What Are DISC Behavioral Style Blends?

If you want to know what your personality trait is then there are different methods through which you can get the information. One such channel through which you get to know what the different components of your personality are is called the DiSC assessment online. People want to know their personality traits for different reasons. Some of them for just curiosity sake while others want to know so that they can use that information to deal with their professional and personal lives in a more productive manner.

The DiSC assessment online test gives you a comprehensive view of what is your dominant personality trait and what is the percentage of other traits that you have in your personality. An idea of these traits will give you the opportunity to strengthen them and become a well-rounded person who can tackle the different situation in both professional as well as personal lives smoothly. Here we will give you an idea of some of the personality blends that an individual can have and how it affects his day to day decision-making capabilities. One thing we need to clarify is that none of these blends is any way superior to the others and all individuals regardless of their personality traits can do any kind of work with proper training, education, and experience.

What Are DISC Behavioral Style Blends?

Most people have one predominant DiSC style (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness or Conscientiousness) and one or more supporting traits. Here the dominant traits (the one that has the greater percentage in the DiSC test) is the one that influences the behavior of an individual. The low DiSC types are there to support the dominant traits. In many cases, studies have found that an individual has one dominant trait and the other traits are in smaller percentages. While there are many that have two dominant traits and the other two are present in very small percentages. Depending on the percentage of your dominant traits you will exhibit a different kind of behavioral patterns.

If you have I/D personality blend, then it shows that you have a dominant Influence type and a Dominant secondary style. It has been calculated that there are 41 blends of personality according to the DiSC assessment online test. And all of these shows a varied process of decision making in an individual. Here we will take two extreme blends to give you an idea of the personality trait mix that you may come across and how they may likely to behave in the workplace.

1). D/I/C blend: A person with this kind of blend is very likely to be super confident in his ability to solve a problem and direct in his dealings. He will always love to work in a team environment and encourage his teammates to perform to their optimum. His shortcoming will be not to give adequate focus on the doing the right thing in the right way (low S).

2). S/C/I blend: A person who has these components in his personality is very outgoing but have a calm mind while taking a decision and always believed in the accuracy of the results.