What Are The Best Spy Apps For iPhone NoJailbreak?

Every parent wants to ensure security and safety of their kid, right? And there is no better way to do it by monitoring kids’ electronic devices—because it’s the hub of all of their online and offline activities packed into a device. They use it to communicate with others and make their plans happen. They save their photos, videos and audio. Some may even make calendar notes to have a better control over their daily tasks. Kids are using their smartphones to do a lot more than just using Facebook and WhatsApp and that should be epiphanous for the parents.  They use social media networks to date people around them, find friends and to develop a social circle. In simple words, kids need require some sort of mediation from the parents to keep them safe. Spy apps make sure that parents and informed of their kids all the time.

Spy apps are available for almost every smartphone OS like iOS, android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. And today, we will be talking about NoJailbreak spy apps—a counterpart of the iOS spy apps family. To be able to monitor with the convenience of not jailbreaking has been gaining a lot of attention especially amongst the parents, because it’s easy, simple and effective just like Jailbreak apps. We have compiled three tops apps for the parents that they can choose from for monitoring their kids. So let’s first look at the criteria for rating our apps.

There are 4 fundamentals of every spy app that needs consideration before purchase. They are:

  1. Reporting and logging.
  2. GPS tracking facility.
  3. The price to quality correlation
  4. Technical support, including refund policies.

Why Price/Quality Correlation Matters?

This is most important aspect that needs some attention before your purchase of a spy app. Many apps would seem cheaper but they may comprise heavily on the features and vice versa. There is a lot of variation around the pricing and features, therefore, it’s necessary to closely compare and contrast these two factors closely. Don’t worry! You won’t have to do it, because we have already done that for you. Lower the price/Quality correlation index, the better it is.

So have a look at the top 3 best spy apps for iPhone NoJailbreak2015:

1. Teensafe

Teensafe is a very narrowly directed app, focusing entirely on parental monitoring. It provides minimal features that are enough for monitoring kids.

Reporting and logging:

GPS Tracking:

Teensafe is one of those NoJailbreak apps that provide GPS tracking services. If your purpose is to monitor kids, GPS location tracking is an appendage then.

Price/Quality Correlation:

Teensafe gets a fair price/quality correlation of 0.90. It’s available for a free trial for the first week and then you can have it for $14.95/month.

Customer support:

Teensafe provides live call support from Monday to Friday. However, there is no email or live chat options available.

2. mSpy

mSPy has recently introduced its long-awaited NoJailbreak solution. However, being one of the oldest spy apps, mSpy seems to be lagging their charisma in the NoJailbreak section

Reporting and logging:

GPS tracking:

mSPy no Jailbreak app doesn’t support GPS location tracking.

Price/Quality Correlation

mSpy is available at $39.99 for three months and gets a correlation index of 0.7 from our team. We believe that pricing, features and performance matters. GPS tracking is absent but it is compensated by other features.

Customer support:

mSpy offers both live chat and call facility. They are known for their quick response and excellent after-sales services.


The last app that you need to know about is Xnspy. Just released a year ago, XNSPY came up very quickly with its NoJailbreak version. We have seen its Jailbreak version evolving and getting better with time; we are expecting the same from its NoJailbreak counterpart too.

Logging and reporting:

GPS tracking:

Currently, XNSPY doesn’t support GPS tracking for its NoJailbreak version.

Price/Quality correlation:

The reason why we have put XNSPY into our top 3 spy apps is because of its amazing price/quality ratio. XNSPY provide the best smartphone monitoring experience with zero lags and perfect control over the monitored devices, 24/7. Though it doesn’t support GPS tracking for now, the $8.33/month pricing makes it the cheapest spy app available in the market. We gave XNSPY a correlation index of 0.6 due to its powerful features and lowest price.

Customer support:

XNSPY has a very satisfactory customer support. Their refund policy is also very decent. XNSPY customers can contact for help through emails or live chat.

Final verdict: From our perspective, if someone is looking for GPS tracking in their jailbreak-free spy apps, then Teensafe is the only viable option. If it’s about price and the features, then there is nothing better than XNSPY. If excellent customer support is what you want, then mSpy is what you should go for!

Hopefully our best spy apps for iPhone no jailbreak review will be helpful to you. Happy monitoring!

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