What Are The Characteristics Of A Bad Removals Company?

Moving house is something that people do on average about six times in their lives. When you are planning the move, one of the crucial things you need to consider is the removals company. They will be responsible for handling every aspect of making sure that your furniture and possessions are completely safe for the duration of the move.

When you are researching several different removal companies, you need to be aware what separates the high-quality professionals from the low-quality cowboys. Then you will be able to make a completely informed decision.

What are the main characteristics of a poor-quality removals company?

They Don’t List “Additional Fees” On Their Website

When you looking at the cost of removals and storage in Bury St Edmunds, you need as much information as possible. Good quality companies will be completely transparent and will give you a full breakdown of the costs that are involved in hiring the vans as well as transporting all the different goods. They will tell you whether there are extra fees for certain types of furniture or extra journeys.

In contrast, a poor quality company will have lots of hidden fees. You might think that you are getting a good price, but you might have incurred a lot of additional charges that you didn’t know about. For example, you may have been unaware that the unscheduled extra journey to transport a fragile piece of furniture was not included in the quoted price. This will give you a nasty surprise when you are handed the final bill at the end of the move. Make sure this doesn’t happen by selecting a transparent company.

Their Vans Are In Extremely Bad Condition

The moving vans need to be in perfect condition to make sure that your goods will not get damaged. You need to inspect the vans to make sure that they are not damaged. If the tires are flat, this could affect the handling of the truck and lead to an unsmooth ride. If the inside of the trucks is cramped and dirty, then your possessions are at risk of becoming tarnished or broken.

They Handle Your Possessions Without Attention

Removal men need to make sure that they are handling your goods with complete care and attention. Then you will not have to worry that anything is being broken. If this is happening to you, make a note not to use that company in the future.

When you are asking your friends and family about the removal companies that they have used, ask them whether they encountered a firm that was extremely rough with their possessions.

They Won’t Give You A Refund For Broken Or Damaged Goods

Once the move has been completed, you might find that some of your possessions such as your television and sofa are broken. You will want to seek compensation from the removals company if this happens. Unfortunately, some moving companies will refuse a refund.

You can research moving companies fully to make sure that they offer a quality service.

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