Thursday 03 June 2021

What Are The Major Causes Of Crooked Teeth In Kids

What Are The Major Causes Of Crooked Teeth In Kids

A perfect-looking face is determined by high cheekbones, strong and developed jaws, a sturdy chin, correct nose shape, good lips and straight teeth. Most people have at least two or three teeth that are out of correct alignment, and many people have lost crowded or crooked teeth. When a face develops correctly, teeth should also be straight and aligned.

What Are The Major Causes Of Crooked Teeth In Kids

The majority of kids also have crooked teeth these days, which become apparent after the age of four. There are plenty of reasons why kids have crooked teeth. Here is a list of top causes of uneven or crooked teeth in kids.

Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking on kids seems harmless, but it is one of the major causes of crooked, crowded or uneven teeth at a young age. Sucking on the thumb for long hours can pull kids teeth out of alignment. It is no wonder that this habit takes a serious toll on kids teeth as they grow in. Giving pacifier does not resolve the situation as it also creates the same motion as thumb sucking does.


One of the most frequent causes of crooked teeth in kids is genetics. Genetics plays an essential role in your chances of acquiring uneven, misaligned jaws or teeth.  The same inability to acquire the eyes or hair is similar to how the teeth will turn out to be. Then, if parents have crooked teeth, there is a high probability of child inheriting the same.

Not Enough Teeth

Likewise the function of genetics,  some kids may be born without enough teeth. This results in large gaps in the jaw, which causes other teeth to be misaligned or (fall out of the alignment).


Traumas like Injuries or illness are actually the major cause of the most serious instances of crooked teeth.  Accidents to the teeth may cause permanent effects if a tooth is lost or jaw is seriously injured. If the injury is serious, you should take your child to get surgery to realign his/her teeth and get them to function well back.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is common in young children. Keeping the gums strong and healthy is essential to have aligned teeth. Gum disease, for instance, weaken the gums, which in turn makes the kid teeth to lose proper alignment. Remember that the teeth can never be strong or healthy without a strong foundation and proper dental care.

Losing Baby Teeth Early

Baby teeth generally fall out before the permanent tooth is completely ready to grow in. Moreover, baby teeth act as a placeholder for adult teeth.  This allows permanent tooth to grow in right position and usually in the right spot. Losing baby teeth early because of dental trauma or decay also require a space maintainer.

To sum it up, these were some of the major causes of crooked teeth in kids. If you also think your child is dealing with crooked or uneven teeth and may need braces, please make sure to get a dentist evaluation today.


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