Thursday 09 February 2023

What Are The Most Beautiful Cars Ever Made?

What Are The Most Beautiful Cars Ever Made?

How do you judge the beauty of a car? Look to Autocar to see what their writers have listed in their “100 Most Beautiful Cars” list. Last compiled in 2002, their 2018 list is updated with some modern additions.

What Are The Most Beautiful Cars Ever Made?

1. Jaguar E-Type, 1961 Series 1 Coupe (2002 position: Number 1)

Taking the top spot in 2002 and again this year, this car was described by Autocar as being “voluptuously beautiful” thanks to its sinking roof and glass-masked lights.

2. Lamborghini Miura, 1970 (2002: Number 2)

At 50 years of age, this car still looks the part. Wide and low and full of power, this was the supercar of its time.

3. Ferrari 250, 1959 GTO SWB (2002: Number 3)

Super fast and super beautiful, this car has been described by Autocar as one that combines functionality with sensuality.

What Are The Most Beautiful Cars Ever Made?

4. Ferrari 280 GTO, 1984 (2002: Number 4)

That famous mid-engine car with great proportions, the Ferrari 280 GTO was the car that symbolized the 1980s.

5. Porsche 911, 1963 (2002: Number 5)

Famous for it eye-looking headlights, this Porsche had a voluptuous front but was appealing because of its simplicity.

6. Alfa Romeo, 1935, 8C 2900 (2002: Number 6)

Looking like it could have been driven in Formula 1 during the 1930s, this car was low and elegant.

7. AC Cobra, 1962, 289 (2002: Number 7)

Displaying plenty of muscle, this squat-looking car was simple but perfectly designed.

8. Aston Martin DB4, 1962, (2002: Number 9)

Produced by Zagato of Milan, this Aston Martin was a sensuous car with a sporty edge.

9. Aston Martin, 2001 Vanquish (2002: Number 10)

Up one place on 2002’s list, this Aston Martin exemplifies the 2000s with its smooth lines and bumperless muscle.

10. Mercedes 300SL, 1954 (2002: Number 11)

With its upward flying doors, this Mercedes was a slender and low-roofed beauty.

11. Ferrari 275, GTB, 1964 (2002: Number 12)

Incredibly potent, this refined-looking car was unfussy and magnificently chromed.

12. Bugatti 57, 1938 (2002: Number 13)

This piece of art on wheels that would look perfect on a sports car lap tray like the ones found at
was an expensive piece of hardware that summed up the 1930s perfectly.

13. Ferrari GTO, 1962 (2002: Number 14)

With its V12 precision engine and perfectly finished body, this powerful car combined functionality with beauty.