Wednesday 02 June 2021

What are the rituals that make the Punjabi wedding perfect?

Punjabi wedding or Sikh wedding is full of rituals. There are so many rituals such as pre-wedding rituals, wedding day rituals, post-wedding rituals that are done at a wedding. Some of the rituals that are done in a Sikh or Punjabi wedding are mentioned below:

Rokka: This is a ritual in which both the families meet each other and fix the dates of engagement and wedding. This is the very first ritual of the Christian wedding.

Shagun: This is a ritual which is also known as pre-engagement. This is a ritual in which both the families gift the bride and groom the essentials that are to be used by them during the wedding rituals. This ritual is followed by the engagement ceremony.

Engagement: This is a ritual in which both the bride and groom exchange their rings and announce to the people that they are going to be husband and wife soon. This is a ritual which is usually done at the bride’s house, gurudwara, halls etc.

Mehndi/Sangeet: In olden days these rituals were done on different days but now Mehndi and Sangeet are done on the same day. Mehndi is the ritual in which the bride and groom’s hand are adorned with Henna. On the other hand, all the family members, friends, relatives enjoy a lot by dancing on DJ’s, singing songs etc. this ritual is followed by the Jaggo.

Jaggo: This is a ritual that is done on the same day as the Sangeet. In this ritual, all the girls get collected, say boliyan, dance and collect oil in the pot from the house of their near and dear ones. This is a ritual full of fun and enjoyment.

Haldi/Vatna: This ritual is applying up of haldi on the bodies of bride and groom. This is a ritual which is done just one day before the wedding ceremony. People with divorce and second marriage can also find bride and groom with the help of marriage bureaus and matrimonial sites.

Viddai: In this ritual, the bride is sent to groom’s house and all the family members, friends, and relatives of the bride give a tearful goodbye to the bride and show how much they love her and going to miss her.

Welcoming the bride: This is a ritual done at the groom’s house. The bride is welcomed by her mother-in-law to her new house. She puts mustard oil on the corners of the door to welcome the bride.

Reception: This is an after wedding party that is given to those people who were not invited to the wedding ceremony. Only the groom’s family friends and relatives are invited.

Pag Phere: After the reception, this ritual is done. This is a ritual in which the bride goes to her mother father house. This is ritual which is done on the fourth day after the wedding. If a divorced girl looking for marriagethen she can take help from marriage bureaus.

These are the rituals that make the Punjabi/Sikh wedding beautiful and enjoyable.

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