Tuesday 31 January 2023

What are the Techniques, Benefits and Precautions of the Liposuction?

Liposuction in Ludhiana

Body contouring operations for the purpose of correcting liposuction liposhaping, liposculpturing, lipofilling and so on, is called. Liposuction is the process of removing fat cells under the skin by vacuuming them and removing them from the body, providing an aesthetic appearance while providing slimming. At the same time, the appearance of cellulite on the skin is removed. In women, structurally, fat accumulation occurs in the legs, hips, lower abdomen and waist area (pear shape), and in men, abdominal and upper waist (apple shape).

Excessive fats can be seen in our body for various reasons. Liposuction in Ludhiana is one of the best surgical methods to get rid of these lubrications. In general, abdominal fat, legs, belly, buttocks and hips is a method that is commonly applied.

Liposuction techniques

In today’s tumescent techniques, liquid containing some medications before liposuction in Ludhiana is given to areas where operation will be applied, bruising, blood loss and so on. There are very few complications such as disrupting patient health and postoperative comfort. There are also different techniques such as ultrasound assisted, liposuction with reinforced cannula, laser assisted (trial stage), chemical liposuction (trial stage).

The main purpose of these operations is to give shape and symmetry to the body, so suitable candidates are not only overweight patients; on the contrary, weak people may be disproportionate due to very small regional fat accumulation.

For this purpose; flattened and wide-looking hips can be brought to a narrower, more elevated and protruding appearance, and the leg and basin area may be corrected to make the leg appear smoother and longer. Interventions to the knee may correct the distorted appearance of the leg. A flat abdomen can be obtained by removing any excess in the abdomen. In women who do not have a lumbar groove, the body decreases flat because the chest-waist-basin ratio is deteriorated. In this way, the person can carry the clothes, low-waist trousers that fit the body completely or leave the belly exposed. A good back can be obtained by removing excess fat from the back under the bra. In addition, the jaw and neck area with the fat removal process can be shown as a younger and longer neck, the excess can be taken in the region.

Precautions before the Surgery

First, the patient should be informed before surgery. In the same way, the patient should inform his doctor before his surgery about his diseases such as diabetes. It is very important to avoid any problems after the operation.

Smokers may experience some side effects during surgery. Therefore, smokers should stop smoking before the operation. If the patient is in good health, he should be in the hospital a few hours before surgery.

The type of anesthesia should be determined according to the area to be applied and the amount of fat. These can be local or general anesthesia. A fasting time of at least 8 hours is required for general anesthesia. Finally, the necessary tests are performed and evaluated before surgery.