Thursday 06 May 2021

What Are The Types Of Field Sobriety Tests In California?

United States law and enforcement has amended the DUI law to maintain and enhance road safety.

Blood Alcohol Limit (BAC) is the legal limit that ensures the driver should not exceed the drink limit from a certain level. There are different legal limits for different age drivers. For example: if you are 21 years old or above, you need to consider that driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or higher level is illegal. If you are below 21, the limit ranges from 0.00 to 0.02.

The responsibility of checking the drivers under the influence is held upon police officers. Though, sometimes it can be difficult to ensure whether or not the drivers are driving under the influence. Field sobriety test is the procedure that is applied to suspicious drivers to check the condition of the drivers. If you or your loved one are arrested for impaired driving, can be your reliable platform to provide you best criminal defense lawyer in California to assist you through the case. Each criminal defense lawyer of TeamDUI has years of successful practice and industry recognition.

There are three standardized sobriety tests :


Horizontal Nystagmus


The horizontal nystagmus is one of the field sobriety tests that implies the suspected drunk drivers. In this test, the suspect needs to follow the object by moving his/her eyes from left to right. If there is any excessive jerking found, he/she is considered to be under the influence. There are degree-angles set to ensure the excessive jerking. When the officer will instruct you to follow the object left and right, he/she will check the movement at 45 degree.

Apart from this, you might be instructed for some another field sobriety test such as the finger-to-nose test, the hand pat field sobriety test or maybe some other.


The One-leg stand test


In the one-leg stand test, you will be asked to raise one foot off the ground ensuring the height should be 6 inches. Then, you will be asked to count from 1001 to 1030 by looking down at your feet.  Here, the officer will notice the staggering signs in you. If you show any staggering signs for more than two or three times, there might be chances you will considered as ‘under the influence’.


The Straight Line Test


The straight line test is also known as ‘The Walk And Turn Test’ in California. In this test, you will be instructed to take nine steps by the heel to toe alongside the real or imaginary line. Then, you need to come to the point and again repeat the test. Here, the officer will notice your balance while you are taking the steps.  Stepping off the line, turning wrongly, balancing steps with the help of your arms. If you show two or more of these signs, you might be accused of being under the influence.

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