Wednesday 08 March 2023

What Are VOIP Phones?

The phone has always been a valuable link between people.  It has been round for generations.  In fact, the analogue phones of today are very similar in design and function to those original ones.

This does not mean there have not been alterations and improvements to the phone.  The cell phone is a good example of how technology has improved!  But the basic phone, as seen in offices round the world, is still an essential part of office live.

However, these phones may look like analogue phones but they are actually far superior!

The VOIP Phone

The VOIP phone is actually a phone which is dedicated to Voice Over Internet Protocol.  As the name suggests, this is a phone which transmits it signals and even a phone message over the internet.  Most VOIP phones can access analogue networks and digital ones.  This means they can be used as conventional phones where you pick up the receiver and make a traditional call.

However, they can also route their phone calls through your internet provider.  Of course, the person you are ringing will need to be using the same system to provide the best possible call function.

A VOIP Phone offers a huge range of features which conventional phones do not have.  These include:

Video Calling

There is no reason to simply chat to a friend when you can video call them and make a real connection; this is possible by using VOIP.  It allows calls to be transferred between people and for you to see the person you are calling.  This is a great feature for businesses as well as clients.

Video calling can be between several people; you can brainstorm or simply chat with your VOIP phones every day to improve the outlook of the company.

Video calling can also be a popular option for anyone looking to generate new business or offer a better customer service on line.  An extension to the VOIP phones can allow you to offer a live chat service online.  The customer will have the benefit of seeing you in person and in getting first class customer response; no matter what the question or what time of day it is.


It is possible to digitally record any incoming conversation; although you should advise your customer that you are doing this.  This app will also allow you to capture voice messages and send them directly to your email addresses.


The latest VOIP phones are actually designed to be cordless and simply connect to your internal network via a built-in wireless adaptor.  Couple this with a good quality battery and you have the equivalent of a cell phone; although you will need to be in range of your private network.

There are many other features which can be used when operating VOIP phones; it is important to assess each of them and decide whether they are genuinely of use to you or not. A good VOIP phones system should be adaptable and can be built on as the technology improves.