What Developers Have To Say About Hadoop Maturity?

Companies and developers have saw Hadoop grow through two major phases of maturity, i.e. how companies initially made use of it and what tools emerged to develop an effective environment in the process. In recent time, hadoop developers have started seeing other changes that reveal the third phase of hadoop maturity. This phase is a lot more robust and characterized by latest types of features and accessibility.

At the beginning, Hadoop technology was a tool explored by a few scattered groups for their research projects. Hadoop users could run HBase and MapReduce, and available tools like Hive and Pig made the use of Hadoop technology easy for them. During the initial phase, they assume in terms of writing jobs instead of apps, operability, expected run times, and workflows.

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When developers realize the worth of hadoop and found its ability to bring real business value, managements started developing workloads for BI and reporting in order to fetch meaningful data. All of a sudden IT sector required to consider things such as expected run times, running distinct range of workload throughout a shared infrastructure, ROI, and efficiency, and similar concerns.

In the second phase of hadoop development, innovations like Spark, Kudu, and YARN have played significant role.

Then the third phase of Hadoop introduced something unreal yet good for business. In this phase, Hadoop technology is accessible to all business units and the experts see multi departmental uses. It has come a long way since it was introduced; however, the technology has not acquired complete maturity and developers are assuming that it will happen someday when Hadoop becomes fully enterprise IT ready. Many things are still needed for the edition.

For instance- security enhancement is a need. Apart from this, there are more things to make Hadoop fully enterprise grade technology. Applications that are not yet developed will run on Hadoop technology one day and admire by more business users, not just someone who has knowledge of SQL or willing to code.

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